June 14, 2021

NIC CLUB ACTIVITY ’CAPTURE THE FLAG 2.0’, organized by Department of CSE


The NIC Club of MVJCE was proud to host this online technical event, ‘Capture the Flag 2.0’, exclusively for Computer Science Students. The event consisted of 2 rounds which could be played individually or as a group (maximum of 2 people in a group). The event aimed to test the participants’ knowledge in Linux commands, thoroughly. Around 88 students from the CSE Department participated in the event.

Capture The Flag 2.0 

Capture the flag 2.0 is an event to test the participants’ expertise in Linux command. The participants have to find the Secret Flag Code which is hidden in various files and folders, using the clues given. The Team or participants with maximum secret flag-codes would be the winner of the contest. Team Co-ordination, and problem-solving skills of the participants can be crucial factors for winning the contest.

The event was conducted online, on the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine and Microsoft Teams platform.

Round – 1 Basic Linux commands

In this Round, only a basic level of Linux expertise is required to get the flags. 88 students participated in this round. The participants were given access to the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine; they had to find all the flags in the least possible time (a few flags, skippable). 22 students qualified to enter Round 2.

Round – 2

Round 2 was conducted on 10th June 2021 (Thursday), via online platform Microsoft Teams App. It started at 1.30 pm and ended at 4:00 pm. Prof. R. Tamilarasi, HOD CSE judged the event which was coordinated by Event Coordinator Mrs. Ashwini HK.

This Round presented connected clues for the participants to get to each flag-code. The students had to use their problem-solving skills and critical thinking to get the connected flag-codes

Outcome: The students were able to analyse, design and enhance their technical skill, applying it to various topics in fields related to Computer Science. This hands-on program also helped students to solve technical and aptitude related queries. Students were able to gauge their potential and creative ideas through this animation concept. It will also help Final year students to crack technical interviews, with ease.

The Winners of the NIC event ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG 2.0’ are:

  • Winners
  1. Levint Vincent (1MJ18CS067)   of     6th Semester CSE      
  2. Krishna Tej NK (1MJ18CS063) of 6th Semester CSE 
  • Runner-up

MuhammedMuzzammil Shah U (1MJ19CS098) of  4th Semester CSE