September 1, 2019

NIC CLUB ACTIVITY ’TECHTATVA’, organized by Department of CSE


The NIC Club of MVJCE was proud to host this event for Pre-final and Second year students. The event ‘Techtatva’ is the ultimate test of codes and logic, and consists of 2 rounds which can be played individually or as a group. The cumulative scores are added to decide the winners.

The main event (Round 2) was  conducted on 21st August 2019 (Wednesday), in Room Nos. 251 and 252, Computer Science and Engineering Department. It started at 2.30 pm and ended at 4.00 pm. Prof. Santhiya M, HoD CSE and Prof. Dr. Arivind  judged the event which was coordinated by Event Coordinators Mrs. Ashwini H K and Mr. Karthick Myilvahanan. Around 100 (50 teams) students from the CSE Department participated in the event.

Round 1: QUIZ BUZZ: This event was conducted on 7th August 2019 (Wednesday) for all Final / Prefinal year, CSE students. Aptitude questions were framed for this Round which would help students to crack their quantitative round interviews with ease. This Round had 25 questions to solve in the least possible time. This was a pen and paper Round. Around 50 teams (100 students) took part in this round. This Round was time bound, and students who cleared the maximum number of questions in minimum time qualified for the second Round.

All the students were enthusiastic to complete Round 1 in the stipulated time, the questions were quite tricky and brainstorming. Event coordinators and student coordinators started the event exactly at 3:00 pm and the time duration for Round 1 was only 1 hour. Round1 was completed at around 4:00 pm, with the results being announced. For Round 1, Rooms 251 and 252 and the PCD lab were chosen, to accommodate 100 students.

15 teams (30 students) qualified for Round 2. The selected students were informed to get their laptop with the appropriate software, for the next Round, which would be held on 21/8/2019, Wednesday.

Round 2: ANIMATE-IT: This Round was the final round of the NIC event ‘Techtatva’. Students were informed to get hands-on in using figma software (Animation Tool), to participate in this Round. This Round was started exactly at 2.30 pm. Each of the 15 teams was given an on the spot topic for UI/UX App creation. The teams were given topics like stock market, food ordering, mobile banking etc. All the teams put their best foot forward and a lot of efforts, to come up with possible outcomes.

Outcome: The students are able to analyse, design and enhance their technical skill, applying it to various topics of computer science related fields. It also helped students to solve technical and aptitude related queries through this program, which was a hands-on one. Students were able to know their potential and creative ideas through this animation concept. It will also help Pre-final year students to crack technical interviews, with ease.

The Winners of the NIC event ‘TECHTATVA’ are:

Winners – 3rd semester CSE:

  1. Apurva Kaushal
  2. Aparajita Nandi

Runners-up – 5th semester CSE:

  1. Amritansh Agarwal
  2. Abhishank Gupta