November 24, 2018



The NIC Club of MVJCE was proud to host an event for pre-final and second year students. The event ‘BLITZSCHLAG’ helped the students to enhance their technical skill in IT Escalations. It has encouraged them to enter into IT Support, Troubleshooting and securing data. It brought out the decision-making skills in students, and helped them put their technical knowledge to good use.

The event was conducted on 15th October, 2018. It started at 1.30 PM and concluded at 4.00 PM, in the web laboratory of the Computer Science Engineering department. Mr. Sindhanaiselvan, (Assoc. Prof. – CSE) and Mrs. Deepa A judged the event which was coordinated by event coordinators Mr. Karthick Myilvahanan  and Mrs. Sahana R. Around 80 students (in 18 teams) from CSE department participated in the event.

The event was scheduled with 2 rounds- Quizophile and Technobiz.

ROUND 1: It was a quiz-based event, and the quizzing was based on the latest trends in the IT sector. This was an elimination round for the second level. This level gave insight into the latest technological advances in the IT world, and provided the students with inputs on how they can equip themselves for the future. This quiz round had 100 questions which had to be solved in 60 minutes. The first 10 teams who scored the highest were selected for the second round.

ROUND 2: This round helped in bringing out the analytical and logical skills of the students, using technical concepts. It ensured that the students gained knowledge about the Troubleshooting of systems and other server handling mechanisms such as Exception handling, Server configuration, Database Querying, Support escalation etc. In this round, a real time scenario was given to the students, and they were asked to provide the steps that they would take to solve the issues. They had to also sketch out the escalation levels for each issue. The solution had to be given in a Power Point presentation, or any other digital presentation. Based on the aptness of the solution and the best optimal solution, two teams were selected as winners and the results were announced.


First place:

  • Manvi Grover
  • Tarun Tiwari
  • Aakarsh Etar

Second place:

  • Chetan N
  • Bharath. B
  • Dheesun K.R

Outcome of the event:

As a result of the event, the students got a good idea about the job profile of a Desktop Support Engineer. They got a briefing on IT support system and IT Escalation Process, Ticket raising system, and about different tools like ITIL, Basecamp and Trello.