February 28, 2019

NIC Club Event – Techathlon


The NIC Club of MVJCE was proud to host an event for pre-final and second year students. The event ‘Techathlon’ is the ultimate test of codes and logic. It consists of 2 rounds which can be played by an individual or as a group. The cumulative scores are added, to decide the winners.

The event was conducted on 20th February, 2019 (Wednesday). It started at 1.30 PM and ended at 4.00 PM, the venue being the PCD laboratory of the Computer Science and Engineering Department. Prof. I Manimozhi, HoD – CSE and Prof. Dr. S Senthil Kumar judged the event which was coordinated by event coordinators Mrs. Ashwini H K AP,CSE and Mr. Karthick Myilvahanan AP,CSE. Around 108 (45 teams) students from CSE department participated in the event.

Round 1

Blitzkrieg: Here, the problem statement would have an edge as they would have to be decipher. Decipher the problem and then come up with a solution, in the least possible time. This was a pen/paper round, in which all 45 teams took part. This round was time-based, hence, students who clear the maximum number of questions within minimum time qualified for the second round.

All students were enthusiastic to complete Round 1 within the stipulated time, though the questions were quite tricky and brainstorming. The event coordinators and student coordinators started the event exactly at 1:30 PM, and the time duration for Round 1 was 1 hour. This first Round was completed at around 2:45 and the results were announced. Rooms 251, 252 and the PCD lab were used, to accommodate the 108 students who participated in this Round.

15 teams (30 students) qualified for Round 2. The results were announced in Room 252 and the selected students were now redirected to PCD lab 262 for Round 2.

Round 2

Code Shuffle:  This Round was unique, as the code was given to the students beforehand, but in a shuffled manner. The sequence of commands is mixed up, and participants are required to find out the correct sequence and come up with the final code and correct output. There were 3 shuffled files to be solved, in the least possible time.

Round 2 started exactly at 3 PM. The students were instructed to sit at the respective systems in which the codes were saved. The Round was well-planned, and the shuffled codes (files) were placed in the systems, before the event began. The student coordinator ensured that all files had been shuffled well. Each team was informed to solve the given files in the least possible time. Every team put its best foot forward to come up with possible outputs.

T&C of the Event:

The condition to this Round was that no student should change the content of the code, i.e., it should be shuffled only. And usage of USB and internet was blocked for fair conducting of the Round. Mobile phones were strictly not allowed for both the rounds. Both the rounds were well planned and executed.

Finally, two teams were declared as Winner and Runner-up. The winning team completed each level of code shuffle in the minimum time – 15 minutes. The runner-up took 25 minutes. Both teams were congratulated by event coordinators and HOD.

The students are able to analyse, design and enhance their technical skill, with the collaboration of various topics of computer science related fields. This hands-on program also helps students to solve technical and aptitude related queries. It will also be helpful for pre-final year students to crack the technical interview with ease.

The Winners of the NIC event ‘TECHATHLON’ are:

Winners: 4th semester CSE

  1. Jonah Jacob Oommen
  2. Koshal Bothra

Runners-up: 6th semester CSE

  1. Ruchitha D J
  2. Rohith Natesh