July 22, 2021



The Department of Physics organized an event entitled “Physics puzzle solving competition”  on 6th April 2021, in room no. 213, 215, 216, Physics  Department. The event started at 2:00pm with round I and ended at 2:40 pm.  70 students of B.E 1st Sem (Physics department) participated in the event.

Round I: Preliminary round (Multiple choice questions)

70 students were participated in this round, which was for 40 minutes. In this round, screening of participating teams was done by giving multiple choice questions to the participating teams to test the basic understanding of physics. After this round 20 students were selected for round II.

Round II: Final Round (Buzzer round)

Out of 20 students we made 4 teams with 5 students in each team and this round was a buzzer round. Round II started from 3:00pm and ended at 3:40pm. This round had advanced questions of physics to test the physics knowledge of students.

Judgement was taken on the basis of the performance of four teams in the final round by each team. Certificates were issued to all the participants and winners in final round . Two teams were selected as winners for first prize(Rs 1000) and second prize (Rs 500) .

The winners are Team with first prize : Sushanth K Kamath(ECE), Dhanush K L(ECE), Praveen Siddappa Kattimani(ECE),Venkata Ygendra Reddy(ECE) ,Sourabh Kumar Mishra(ECE)

The winners are Team with second prize : Divi Mahendra Sai (CSE), Mohammed Khameeruddin (CSE) , Abhishek Sharma(CSE) , Ashish Vishwakarma (CSE) ,Prasanna S Hegde (CSE).

Students found the event very interesting, interactive and beneficial and actively took part in this activity.



Outcome of the Event

The participants got the knowledge of general physics  and its use in industry and other walks of life , they also got a deeper insight of physics used in engineering as physics is an amazing subject which combines a number of different sciences, attempting to make sense of the complicated world we live in.