The department of physics is one of the established departments at MVJ College of Engineering since 1982

  • Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA)
  • Ranked Amongst the top 75 Engineering in India

The study of Physics is important to understand the world around us, and the world beyond us. It teaches us how things work. It encompasses the study of something as big as our galaxy as well as the smallest atomic particles. Studying Physics strengthens logical reasoning and problem-solving skills that are very valuable in Engineering study. It teaches students how to analyze complex problems, and gives them a strong quantitative background that can be applied in any technical field.

Study of Physics prepares students to work on pathbreaking ideas in science and technology. Physics has led man to great discoveries, from computers and robots to sustainable energy solutions. Hence, a good foundation in Physics is absolutely essential for a student to become an efficient engineer.

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Physics Department at MVJCE

The Department of Physics is one of the oldest departments at MVJ College of Engineering – it was established in 1982. The Department offers Engineering Physics course for First-year Engineering students. The course is designed focusing on the fundamental concepts of Physics and on the practical application of these concepts and techniques to technology. This balance between fundamental science and application makes our course highly interdisciplinary, having a strong correlation with Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Chemical, Aeronautical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering subjects. And this firm foundation stands every student in good stead, whichever branch of Engineering he has chosen.  

Two Physics courses are taught to all students of First year Engineering, irrespective of the branch that they are going to pursue. These are Engineering Physics and Engineering Physics Lab. Over a period of one year, the students master basic Physics that is indispensable for a budding Engineer, as this is going to be the cornerstone for all that they are going to learn in the next three years.


Every faculty member at the Physics Department has taken it upon themselves to give their best to students. With years of experience behind them, they are experts in the field. They participate actively in national and international conferences and workshops, presenting papers and giving lectures. There is no limit to knowledge acquired, and each teacher at the Department keeps striving constantly to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology, by educating and upgrading themselves, through conferences and workshops.

When a student enters the portals of an Engineering college, he is nervous, full of fears and anxieties as he steps into this most significant phase of his life that is going to shape his future. As the student makes this transition from school to a professional college, he needs all the help and support that he can get. And our teachers at the Physics Department hand-hold every student and see him/her through those first few difficult weeks and ensure that he/she settles in comfortably.

What makes the Physics Department at MVJCE, Unique

  • MVJCE is an autonomous institute, and hence, the Physics Department has the flexibility to curate a tailor-made course in Physics, with the ultimate goal of making every student industry-ready, at the end of the 4 years of his study at MVJCE. All courses are designed to cater to industry-needs.
  • The Physics Department at MVJCE has faculty par excellence, who take it as their mission to prepare each and every student for his/her specialization ahead.
  • Every faculty member at the Department is constantly upgrading his/her knowledge and skills, as Science and Technology is an ever-changing domain. Our teachers keep themselves updated in technological advances, which indirectly benefits our students.
  • The Department provides ample scope for ‘learning outside the classroom’ – the academic calendar is filled with Workshops, Seminars, Projects, Tech events, Guest lectures, Competitions and contests and Field trips. At such events, the students get to interact with the best in Industry and Academia, and benefit from these interactions.
  • The classrooms and labs are all avant-garde, with state-of-the-art equipment in the labs and modern classrooms.
  • The Physics courses offer theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure, both of which are equally important for a budding Engineer.
  • In addition to the huge collection of Physics books in the Central Library in the campus, there is a Department Library too, with core Physics books and books from Noble Laureates, along with a large collection of e-books.
  • The Department strives to groom each and every student into successful, talented, ethical and socially-conscious professionals.


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