March 4, 2019

Preconference Workshop of the 3rd International Conference on ‘Design Innovations for 3C’s: “Compute – Communicate – Control”


MVJ College of Engineering had the privilege of inviting three National and one International speaker, for the pre- conference Workshop of the ‘International Conference on Design Innovations for 3C’s: Compute – Communicate – Control’, on 16th February 2019, at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall, MVJCE campus.

In recent times, the integration of Compute, Communicate and Control (3C’s) poses a challenge, for engineering aspirants to execute their innovative thoughts to a real time environment. Many methodologies have been proposed for integrating the 3Cs to access data from real time environments. The objective of this Preconference Workshop is to give exposure to the students & participants for preparing them to participate in our forthcoming International Conference titled ‘Design Innovation for 3Cs – Compute, Communicate and Control (ICDI3C – 2019)’.

ICDI3C-19 will provide an excellent platform to bring researchers and practitioners from academia and industry together, to focus on understanding recent developments in compute –communicate – control, and forge new collaborations in the field of Electronics and Communication & Telecommunications Engineering. ICDI3C-2019 will be held at MVJCE, Bengaluru, on 2nd May, 2019.

Dr Alex Noel (Professor, Shantou University, China) lit the lamp at the inaugural function of the ICDI3C-19 Preconference Workshop at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall, MVJCE on 16th February 2019. Following this auspicious start, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, Prof Brindha M, Vice Principal addressed the gathering.

Dr Alex Noel delivered the Keynote address on the topic ‘Zernike – CNN in Image Analysis’. He discussed about Architecture of  Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Zernike moments, use of Zernike moments in Convolutional neural networks and shown some real time examples. Sri. Shaik Majeeth, Professor, SEC, Chennai, delivered the Keynote address on the topic ‘Image Enhancement’. He discussed about different image enhancement techniques with some examples. Prof. V N Dabadde, Ex LRDE delivered the Keynote address on the topic ‘Microwave and Radar’. He discussed about different types of antennas and some applications based on radar. Sri. Sathyanarayana Marni, Senior Manager, Synopys delivered the Keynote address on the topic ‘VLSI Physical Design’. He discussed about different techniques which is used to reduce the Integrated circuit size.