May 29, 2020

Report for Webinar on “Internet of Things for Covid-19”– ECE Department


The spread of COVID-19 has affected almost all spheres of human life – physical, emotional, and economic. In India, we are all navigating through the current lockdown. Like every other crisis, we will ride this tide, adapt, and come out stronger. The pandemic has significantly disrupted the higher education sector as well, which is a critical determinant of a country’s economic future. Hence Electronics and Communication Engineering Department had organised a free webinar on Internet of Things for Covid-19 on 30.05.2020 from 3 pm to 4pm.The resource person for this event was Dr.Pethuru Raj, Chief Architect and Vice President, Site Reliability Engineering(SRE)Division, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.(RJIL),Bangalore.

The webinar was hosted by Dr.Shoaib Kamal. Dr.P.Mahabaleswarappa, Principal, MVJ College of Engineering extended a warm welcome to the gathering and emphasized on the importance of Internet of Things for current situation. The inaugural address was followed by introduction of Chief Guest Dr.Pethuru Raj, Chief Architect and Vice President, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Division, Reliance Jio Infocomm. Ltd.(RJIL), Bangalore. Over 105 participants from various institutions took part in this webinar.

Dr.Pethuru Raj delivered his presentation on “The Digital Technologies & Tools for Containing Covid-19”. He also highlighted his points on IoT Contributions for constraining Covid-19 and the Era of Digitized Objects. He discussed the importance of other prominent digital technologies apart from IoT like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain etc as a tool for fight against this pandemic. He stressed on the point that everything is becoming automated, accelerated and augmented and in the near future objects will communicate more often than now.

Lastly he explained about additional IOT device capabilities like the advantages of using robots and drones in this vulnerable situation.

The session was very much informative. The discussed areas were of great benefit for the participants as the topic was very much relevant with the current scenario and working domain. Participants were enlightened with the most widely used advance technologies in this domain. The webinar ended with Questionnaire session followed by vote of thanks. Feedback for the session was also collected and E-certificate was distributed to all the active participants.

Principal delivering the inaugural speech
Resource Person Dr.Pethuru Raj discussing the importance of Drones and Robots in the fight
against Covid-19
Resource Person Dr.Pethuru Raj discussing the importance of prominent digital technologies for
Constricting Covid-19


Dr.I.Hameem shanavas,

Professor& Head/ECE

Event Coordinators:

1. Dr. Tamilarasi, Associate Professor, ECE

2. Dr. Shoaib Kamal, Associate Professor, ECE


This 50 minutes webinar provided great benefit for participants in IoT fundamental concepts and how to accelerate IoT business value, as well as the technical considerations for successfully developing and to implement IoT solutions for Covid-19 scenario.