September 19, 2019

Report – “HR CLUB ACTIVITY” Organized by Department of MBA


HR Club of MVJCE was proud to host  HR Club Activity  for the 3rd  semester students of MBA.  The purpose of HR club activity  is to bring  together the  students who are interested in the field of Human Resources Management and  help them develop interpersonal skills needed to the corporate.

The main event was conducted to  at  seminar hall 6  on 5th September 2019 and it was organized by the Department of Management Studies, MVJCE. It was started at 8.15 am  and ended at 3.10 pm. Prof. Gokul G, HoD MBA   judged the event  and which was coordinated by Event Coordinator Mr Venugopala Reddy J, Assistant professor, supported by faculty members of MBA Department and student coordinators.

Session 1: Recruitment and Selection Role Play (8.15 AM TO 11.50 AM)

Round 1 consists of  Aptitude Test  on various management fields and current affairs where 50 objective questions are given and 50 minutes are allotted.This was a pen paper round. All the students attempted the test out of which 12 students are picked for the 2nd round based on the marks awarded.

Second Round: Group Discussion was conducted to the 12 students on the topic “Article 370 and its affect on trade relations”. From this GD round 2 students Ms leena and Ms Affifa sadiya are selected for the final round of recruitment process based on their performance.

Third Round:  Final round in the Recruitment and Selection role play was Personal interview where the two selected students will answer the interview panel consisting of student co-coordinators.

Session 2: Group Discussion Activity (12.40PM TO 3.10 PM)

The class was  divided into 4 groups consisting of 8-9 members per group. Topics which were given are 1. Reservation for woman would help the society 2. What is most helpful for being successful in life knowledge, power or wealth…? 3.Impact of Social Media. 4. Indian culture vs western culture.It was interactive section and groups shared their perception about the topics.


The club promoted  the active participation of the students. It helped them in  attaining inter-personal skills required in the corporate field. The HR students make the active contribution in arranging the event. The club enhanced the knowledge on Recruitment and selection process. Participation in group discussion enabled them to express their views on latest topics .It helped promoting team spirit, decision making,motivation and leadership.