April 6, 2019

Report on National Level Pro Karting Championship Season-3, organized at Aditya Educational Institutions, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, from 13th to 16th March 2019


The motto of Society of Innovative Minds is to expose students to real-world situations, by empowering their minds, and fine tuning their technical skills in such a way that they can tackle any type of scenario. The Society of Innovative Minds offers workshops for students from Engineering Colleges/Universities, to enhance their design, fabrication and mechanical skills, and motivate them to burn some rubber.

The Society of Innovative Minds has, right from its initiation, been looking forward to imparting practical learning, at graduation and under-graduation levels. Sieger Pro Karting Championship is one such initiative by the Society of Innovative Minds, where students from universities all around the globe design and fabricate Go-kart vehicles, to participate in a series of challenging events. The event consists of several technical and non-technical rounds, such as Autocross, Sled pull, Acceleration, Costing and Business Plan, as well as a two-hour endurance race.

After the grand success of the First and Second seasons of the Pro Karting Championship, the Society of Innovative Minds now launches its Third season.

Brake Test is the qualifier test for all the other dynamic rounds. Teams failing to clear this test will not be allowed to participate in any further dynamic rounds. In Brake Test, the teams will be given 3 attempts. They should clear this test within three attempts.

For the Brake Test, the driver has to accelerate his kart after the whistle and should continuously keep accelerating the vehicle till the end of the acceleration zone. The driver should cover the entire acceleration zone, in maximum 7 seconds, to maintain the speed required for braking. It is advisable to design and validate the brakes at a minimum speed of 35 km/hr, for effective braking.

Whenever front wheels reach the brake line, the driver should apply the brakes (Panic braking). After applying the brakes, rear wheels should lock completely, and the vehicle should slide and stop within the braking zone.

In Endurance Test, the durability of the kart is tested. All the karts together are allowed into the track, to race for two hours. Teams which make maximum number of laps are considered for the ‘Endurance Award’.

Rules and regulations are explained at the event site, in the pre-Endurance Test briefing for drivers. If the driver is found to be driving rashly or not following the rules and regulations explained by the judges, the judges have the right to stop the kart. If the Endurance Test throws up a tie breaker, the winner is selected based on acceleration time.

Finally, Team X-TREME SQUAD from MVJ College of Engineering, Bengaluru, won the Championship Trophy, becoming the Overall Winner, Endurance Winner, Sledge Pull Winner, Acceleration Winner, First team to clear Technical Inspection, Autocross Runners and Built quality Runners