March 27, 2019

Sapling Health Monitoring System


Food is an essential need for life. In developing country like India, meeting the food demand is quite tough. On contrary to it, we come across many reports about crop failures resulting in less supply and increase in cost of crops and less income of crops.

To provide a solution for this, we have developed a project SHMS (Sapling Health Monitoring System) which can provide a real time report on saplings health to the farmer which can help him to make necessary changes to control the situation.

Our project includes some modern techniques like robotics, image processing, REST API and deep learning. Data about saplings like moisture, ph level, bacterial status are collected using rover which is equipped with camera and sensors for the same. Data collected is converted in graph and is automatically sent to the farmer to provide real time report on saplings.

Same data is transferred to a cloud based local system where data on each sapling is extracted. The farmer can review the health status of each crop over the period of time.

A model trained using deep learning techniques is used to analysis the health of saplings. The pattern developed on leaves of saplings are analyzed to provide the health status and diseases affecting the crops. The model’s accuracy increases over period of time. Since the data is collected over the time, this data can be sent to laboratory for better analysis of crop and estimate the profit and losses and even suggest the farmers optimum farming practices by analyzing the traits or patterns of crop growth, water usage and fertilizer requirements.

First prototype of our model is ready. We hope to bring change in agriculture system and effect farmer’s life in a better possible way and make agriculture more profitable and modern to enhance the life style.

Team details

Nishanth Shastry- 1MJ17EC087
Shubham Mishra – 1MJ16CS751
Tarun Tiwari – 1MJ17CS749