MVJ College of Engineering, since its establishment in 1982, has been carrying forward the legacy of Dr M V Jayaraman by guiding thousands of students in shaping their future and becoming individuals of merit and knowledge.

Dr. M V Jayaraman Foundation

Dr. M V Jayaraman was a teacher, a scholar, a musician, but above all, a visionary. His mission was to offer quality education in a wide range of disciplines. His first step into the field of education – the Venkatesha Education Society – has undergone a metamorphosis from starting a Teacher Training College to a highly eminent organization administering 11 institutions under its auspices.

In its endeavor to impart knowledge to the deserving and meritorious students, MVJ College of Engineering in remembrance of its founder and desire to take forward his legacy to make education available to all classes of society, has instituted scholarships for academic excellence through Dr. M V Jayaraman Foundation for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

Seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them.

– Joseph Henry
Joseph Henry (1797–1878) was an American scientist who served as the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

The application for scholarships may be sent via email with scanned copies of the required documents or via post with copies of documents attached to the application.

Merit Scholarship

The academic scholarship is based completely on academic merit of the student. This scholarship is awarded to meritorious students who have consistently displayed academic excellence at qualifying examinations from grade 10 onwards. The scholarship would include waiver of Annual Tution and College fees.

Fee structure as per the scholarship

Sl.No Course- B.E/B.Tech Merit 1: Students within 1000
(K-CET rank) / within 2000
(JEE – Mains/Advanced rank)
Merit 2:Students within 5000
(K-CET rank) / within 6000
(JEE (Mains/Advanced rank)
and Students with above 90%
aggregate in 10+2
(PUC – Karnataka Board, CBSE, ICSE)
1 Aerospace Engineering 36880 107272 268840
2 Aeronautical Engineering 36880 107272 268840
3 Civil Engineering 16880 57768 181320
4 Chemical Engineering 16880 53016 157560
5 Computer Science & Engineering 36880 107272 268840
6 Electronics & Communication Engineering 36880 107272 268840
7 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 16880 53016 157560
8 Information Science Engineering 36880 107272 268840
9 Mechanical Engineering 16880 57768 181320
Sl.No Course- M.Tech Students within 2000 (PGCET/CAT/MAT) MGT FEE
1 Aeronautical Engineering 62180 124360
2 Computer Science & Engineering 62180 124360
3 Digital Electronics & Communication Engineering 62180 124360
4 Structural Engineering 62180 124360
5 Transportation Engineeeing 62180 124360
6 MBA 82180 164360

For Non Karnataka Students ,additional Rs.1500/- fee to be paid
Above fee structure is subject to change with respect to the notification of changes in fee strcuture from regulatory bodies like AICTE/Fee Regulatory committee/KEA/DTE/VTU/Government.

MVJCE Scholarship Scheme, 2020-21

1. Objective

MVJ College of Engineering provides financial assistance for meritorious students at Graduate and Post graduate levels, to impart technical skills which will ultimately benefit the society.

2. Scope

The scholarships for Under graduate studies will be awarded on the basis of the ranks of K-CET examination (conducted by Karnataka Examination Authorities)or JEE Examination(conducted by National Testing Agency)
The scholarships for Post graduate studies will be awarded on the basis of the ranks of PG-CET examination (conducted by Karnataka Examination Authorities) or MAT/CAT Examination.

3. Eligibility

For Under graduate Students in Management/ AMPCK Quota:-

1st Year Admission:

Merit 1: Students within 1000 (K-CET rank)/ within 2000 (JEE - Mains/Advanced rank) - 100% Tuition Fee & 50% College Fee will be waived.

Merit 2: Students within 5000 (K-CET rank)/ within 6000 (JEE - Mains/Advanced rank) and Students with above 90% aggregate in 10+2 (PUC - Karnataka Board, CBSE, ICSE)- 80% of Tution Fee will be waived.

(Note: Students from other State Boards can apply to for scholarship)

For Post graduate Students in Management/AMPCK Quota:

PG Merit: Students within 2000 (PGCET/ MAT/CAT rank)

Continuation of scholarship for Higher Semesters (2nd, 3rd and 4th Year)

  • Only the students who availed the scholarship in the previous years are eligible to apply for renewal.
  • Students from merit 1 cannot migrate to merit 2 or vice versa.
  • Those who failed to secure CGPA >9.0 are not eligible to apply for scholarships from the subsequent academic year. Such students need to pay the regular Tuition Fee and College Fee as applicable.

4. Selection Procedure

1. The Scholarship committee will open applications on 1st May 2020, 15th May 2020, 1st June 2020, 15th June 2020. The Selection results will be informed within three days of opening the application.
2. The candidate has to send an application, along with the scanned copies of proof of results to
3. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
4. The application of the candidate will be verified and processed by the scholarship committee of MVJCE.
5. The Scholarship committee will recommend the list of students found eligible, to the management for grant of scholarship.

5. Terms and Conditions

Scholarship will be considered for only one academic year. To avail the scholarship for the next academic year, the student needs to submit the renewal application form, along with the necessary documents, 2 weeks before the commencement of odd semester.
The following terms need to be satisfied by the applicants:

  • To renew the scholarship, the candidates need to score CGPA>9.0, in every semester.
  • Any new application or renewal application of the scholarship after the due date will be rejected.
  • The candidates need to re-apply, along with the result documents duly attested by the Principal.
  • If any student fails to score CGPA > 9.0 in an academic year, he/she will not be eligible to apply for scholarship in the next academic year. Such students need to pay the regular Tuition Fee and College Fee as per the Management Quota.
  • The student needs to have 85% attendance in all the subjects.
  • The student should not have been involved in any activity which is in the nature of indiscipline or tarnishing the reputation of the institution.
  • If the scholarship beneficiary discontinues his/her course, the complete benefit of scholarship availed previously must be returned by him/her.
  • The MVJCE Scholarship Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any Scholarship Application.

6. Documents Required

1st Year

The candidate needs to submit the scholarship application form, along with the documents specified below:

For Under graduate Students:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • K-CET / JEE Mark Card
  • 12th / PUC Mark Card
  • 10th Mark Card

For Post graduate Students:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PGCET / CAT / MAT Score Card
  • Undergraduate Mark Card
  • 12th Mark Card
  • 10th Mark Card

2nd, 3rd & 4th Year

The candidate needs to submit a Scholarship Renewal application form, along with the documents specified below:

  • Result sheet of the previous academic year.
  • Recommendation letter from the HOD attested by Principal.
  • Attendance Certificate to prove 85% attendance in all subjects.

7. Contact

Any queries regarding the scholarship can be mailed to