April 3, 2019

SDP on ‘System Software Diagnostic Tools & Network Essentials’


Date of the Event 28.03.2019 to 30.03.2019
Title of the Event Skill Development Program on ‘System Software Diagnostic Tools & Network Essentials’
Organized by Information Science and Engineering Department
Name of Resource Speaker Mr. Mohandas Ukkandath, Ms. Manju Narayan, Mr. Irshad, Sparr Electronics, and Mr. Subhro Misra, TOGAF 9-certified Data Analyst

The Department of Information Science & Engineering, MVJCE, organized a Skill Development Program on ‘System Software Diagnostic Tools & Network Essentials’, from  28.03.2019 to 30.03.2019, in Seminar Hall 4 and ISE Department lab, MVJCE.

The main aim of this Skill Development Program was to make the students aware of Internet of Things (IoT) – a new vision that connects the society and to make them understand the concept of various system software and communication tools such as Netsim, Weka as an integration of wide range of systems and technologies interconnected via the Internet.

On Day One, 28th March 2019, Mr. Mohandas Ukkandath, Ms. Manju Narayan and Mr. Irshad from Sparr Electronics demonstrated insights into IoT applications, using IoT kit for smart home, smart cities, smart lights, smart retails, energy issues, health and life style, and car connect. They explained how IoT is going to connect the future world. Mr. Mohandas also expounded how the rapid escalation of connected devices and the technology capabilities is transforming the industry, with cloud data. He also discussed about the five key challenges that Enterprise IoT Innovators are going to face.

On Day Two, 29th March 2019, Mr. Kumar R, AP, Dept. of ISE, MVJCE, demonstrated the use of NetSim in simulating data communication. NetSim is a leading network simulation software for Protocol Modeling and Simulation. Mr. Kumar explained how the simulator allows to analyze computer networks with unmatched depth, power and flexibility.

On Day Three, 30th March 2019, Mr. Subhro Misra, a TOGAF-9-certified Data Analyst, explained about the various roles of data mining in industry and research areas. He demonstrated various data mining algorithms, and the use of Weka tool in data mining. He also threw light on classification, clustering, association and visualization of data, with the help of a case study.

Outcome of the Event:

Students understood the need for embedded systems, and simulation & data mining tools in our present-day life, and the practical implementation of these systems and tools.  They gained awareness on the research activities going on in this field, and on the future outcomes expected.