December 7, 2020

Secure communication in VANET


Date of the Event07.12.2020
Title of the EventWebinar on ‘Secure Communication in VANET’
Organized by  Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MVJCE, Bangalore
Name of the Resource SpeakerDr. Arun Raj Kumar P Teaching and Research Faculty Department of Computer Science & Engineering National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut        

A one-day webinar was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 07th December 2020, on the topic ‘Secure communication in VANET’. Dr. Arun Raj Kumar P, Teaching and Research Faculty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut was the Guest Speaker.

The Welcome note was given by Prof. Bhagyalaxmi S K, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE.  The webinar was inaugurated by Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa, Principal, MVJCE. Following the welcome address, Prof. Bhagyalaxmi introduced the Resource Speaker.

The talk started with the introduction of the on-board unit of VANET, and VANET physical and MAC Layer. The Speaker introduced the idea of communication between vehicles.  He discussed the spectrum used for VANETs, Types of vehicular communication, Single-hop communication (including Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication) and Multi-hop communication (including Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication based on sender and receiver positions). He also discussed the need for VANETs based on their various applications, which involve transmission of safety and emergency messages or even transmission of any entertainment related messages. All this communication happens without the need for any Internet connection, using frequency spectrum. Challenges in VANETs were also discussed – challenges like scalability, security and trust, QoS, Node Collaboration, experiments in real time, and Data analysis. The Speaker also presented the different types of possible attacks on VANETs.

The webinar was organized for UG/PG students and faculty members. The talk was attended by 327 participants.

During the discussion on Secure Communication in VANETs, participants were encouraged to ask questions. Before concluding the webinar, the Speaker motivated the participants in doing Research in the field, by elaborating on the research, objectives and solutions of the work carried out by him and his team. He listed out a few research projects to work on, related to this area of study. The webinar concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Bhagyalaxmi.

Outcome of the Event

Participants gained a lot of knowledge on the topic ‘Secure communication in VANET’, which is essential to understanding the secure communication between vehicles, without the need for internet connectivity.