September 29, 2018

Seminar on “World Class Manufacturing”


The Seminar on ‘World Class Manufacturing’ was scheduled on 29th September 2018, by the Mechanical Engineering Department, in Seminar Hall 06. The Guest Speakers were from SKF Industry Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Leni Davisdson and Mr. Santosh Kumar.

The Seminar was inaugurated by the Guest Speakers, Principal – MVJCE, Head of the Department – Mechanical and Senior Professors, by lighting the lamp. It was followed by an Invocation song by Ms. Madhuri, student of 3rd Semester of Mechanical Engineering.

The speakers were welcomed by the Principal and Head of the Department, with a bouquet. Welcome speech addressing and motivating the students was given by the Principal of MVJCE.

WCM has its foundations in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – a maintenance process developed in Japan for improving productivity by making processes more reliable and less wasteful. The Seminar was designed adeptly, keeping the curriculum of the pre-final year in mind, for bridging the gap between Industry and Academics.

The main topics covered were Zero Manufacturing Defects, Quality Assurance Techniques and Industrial Safety Measures. These topics were dealt with by Mr. Leni Davidson, from 9.00 am to 10.30 am. A High Tea break of half an hour was scheduled between the sessions. The second session was resumed at 11.00 am by the speaker Mr. Santosh Kumar briefed on the implementation of the various quality control methods on different components of the industries.

Also referred to the goal of achieving and sustaining World-Class competitiveness through manufacturing excellence, attained through best practices which companies followed giving practical case studies from SKF Industry.

The Seminar concluded with a Query Session. The questions from the students were effectively and convincingly answered by the eminent speakers. The Seminar was a valuable endeavor which will significantly empower the students with intensified knowledge and expertise of engineering concepts.

Outcome of the Event:

  • Students of the 5th Semester are able to access the key quality parameters of the machine components.
  • Students of the 5th Semester gained knowledge about different quality standards for different machine components.
  • Students of the 5th Semester can perform the quality check, with all the necessary industry safety procedures.