October 31, 2020



TEDxMVJCE Countdown is part of a global initiative to champion a safer and cleaner world. This initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis by transforming ideas into action, was conducted on 31st October 2020. The goal of TEDxCountdown is to build a better future by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions to half its current levels by 2030, in the race to achieve a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone.

The key Speakers for the event were ‘The Recycle Man’ – Mr. Binesh Desai, ‘The Queen of Compost’ – Smt. Vani Murthy and ‘Kachra Mane’ – Mr. Dasarathi G V. 

The event started with the speech by Dr. Binish Desai, an innovator and social entrepreneur working on industrial waste recycling and management. His words and work are depicted in his famous quote, “Nothing is useless in this world. What is Waste to you is someone’s Asset”. This Recycle Man of India shot to fame in 2010, for designing p-block (bricks from industrial paper and gum waste). Over the past few months, he has begun working on making bricks from discarded face masks. His speech took us though his journey of innovative ideas for recycling commonly discarded items. Itwas truly inspirational and was a take-home for all of us.

Our second Speaker of the day was Smt. Vani Murthy who strongly believes “Garbage is end of use for us, but there is life thriving after.” She is the Queen of Compost, a renowned urban farmer and a passionate citizen leader. She continuously strives to spread awareness within the community. She shared with us, her remarkable knowledge about recycling kitchen waste to compost and using it to grow herbs, fruits and flowers. Her passion for the environment is marvelous beyond words, and she certainly passed on this passion to all the listeners of this event.

The third Speaker for the day Mr. Dasarathi G V. He has lived up to his words, “When you build a home, don’t do it to impress your relatives or friends, or as a status symbol. Start building to reduce our carbon footprint.” A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he built this beautiful farmhouse using only trash and secondhand materials, within just seven months. He swears by his ‘4R’ mantra – Rethink, Reuse, Recycle or Upcycle and Reduce. His intelligence, drive and determination to live a more sustainable life and build a sustainable home is what makes Mr. Dasarathi so unique and special. We were fortunate to see his ‘Kachra Mane’ or ‘Trash House’ through this event.

The credits for this successful TEDxMVJCE event:

Student Organizers: Akhil, III year, CSE and Sairus, IV Year, Mechanical

Event Managers: Hiba, III Year, Aeronautical , Jamyang, IV year, Aeronautical, Harshith, III year, Mechanical

Designers: Muhammad, II Year, CSE, Diksha, IV year, CSE, Upasana, III year, CSE, Leena, III year, CSE

Writers: Spoorthy, III year, CSE, Soupernika, II year, CSE, Rohit, III year, CSE

Host: Kamal, III year, CSE