Tinkering lab

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” ― Christian Dior. At MVJCE, our students are encouraged to innovate and discover the joy of creation. The Tinkering Lab was established to fulfill this very purpose. The Tinkering Lab is a dedicated space on campus to explore ideas and experiencing the process of creation of technology from ideation to prototyping. The Lab provides basic machinery, materials, tools and instruments for students to bring form to their imagination. The Tinkering Lab is open to students across all departments of MVJCE to access at their convenience.
Inauguration of Tinkering LabPDF
Tinkering Lab Awareness Session ReportPDF
Tinkering Lab report-1PDF
Tech Talk ReportPDF
Medium Altitude Long Endurance’ URAV - ‘Magellan 1'PDF
Development of Automated Intelligent Robot, Using Open Computer Vision (CV)PDF
Timer Based Irrigation System with Nutrient Detection of SoilPDF

  • Students are encouraged to innovate and discover the joy of creation.
  • Enable students to build large engineering devices, develop complex systems and represent MVJCE at various national and international competitions.
  • Help inventors and entrepreneurs to build prototypes of their ideas and generally “tinker” around exploring new ideas.
  • Developed 150 plus projects in the Tinkerspace.