Improving healthcare using Smart Pill Box for Medicine Reminder and Monitoring System


Nowadays, the world and the scientists are targeting more on the autonomy of the patients by developing advanced tools that can help them being not only self-sufficient but monitored at the same time. Hence, the proposed system aims to offer a new tool for this community. This system consists of a smart medical box that can alert the patient, via a phone application, about the upcoming schedule to take his/her medication, the number of remaining pills in the box, an error in the number of pills taken and much more. So far, lot of systems were developed to help elder people and patients being autonomous. Among these systems, we list the one click tool that can control the room environment of a paralyzed patient, the design of a smart home for elder people based on sensors, the development of tools to monitor the movements of patients, in case of any difficulties with the huge advances in telemedicine systems. In addition to that, the use of phone applications is getting more familiar in biomedical engineering applications mainly for monitoring purposes.


  • To design a low-cost smart medical box, linked to a phone application, in helping the patient to take his/her medications on time.
  • To help people in taking their medications as prescribed, by reminding them when to take pills and tracking their medication intake.


Smart pill box is a microcontroller based smart medicinal box. This medicine box is targeted on users who regularly take drugs or vitamin supplements, or nurses who take care of elders and patients. The box is programmed in such a way that it allows users or nurses to specify the pill quantity to consume in a day, and the several times for each day. The box contains seven separate sub boxes. Therefore, nurses or users can set information for seven different pills. When the pill quantity and time have been set, the medicine box will remind users or patients to take pills. When the pill quantity and time have been set, the medicine box will remind users or patients to take pills using sound and light. The specific number of pills needs to be taken will be displayed by a seven segment display place on the corresponding sub-box.

Expected Outcome:

Once the device is set up and programmed, the patient or caregiver can program the medication schedules and set reminders using the smartphone app or web-based application. The device will then automatically remind the patient when it is the time to take medication and open the appropriate medication box. This can help to improve medication adherence and reduce the risk of medication errors. refused to connect.


The proposed project is, in its general purpose, aiming to control medication adherence. In this way, this smart pill box will help to increase life expectancy for those of elder as well as younger aged adults. Additionally, the proposed device is low cost, user friendly, and above all, a safe system. The suggested system can measure the weight of the pills, monitor the medicine intake, and remind the patient to take their medication during the allotted time. Furthermore, as a device connected to a smart phone, it does not disrupt the fast-paced pattern of the patient’s daily life, but rather accommodates to it. The following are the students who are involved in the project.

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Nishwanth B A


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Himakar D


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Niharika R Thalanki


A Smart Bed, with Convertible Wheelchair and Stretcher


‘Nurse Bed’ is a smart bed designed to cater to the needs of patients who require assistance in their daily routine. This bed can be converted into a wheelchair or stretcher, making it a versatile mobility aid for patients. The wheelchair is automated, and can be controlled with a joystick and a mobile app. The Nurse Bed is designed to improve the quality of care that is provided to patients, by enhancing their mobility and comfort.


  • To design a smart bed that can be converted into a wheelchair and stretcher, as required.
  • To create an automated wheelchair that can be controlled with a joystick and a mobile app.
  • To develop a user-friendly interface that can be easily operated by the patient and the caregiver.
  • To enhance the patient's mobility, and provide a more comfortable experience for him/her.
Programme Detail


The Nurse Bed will be designed using modern technology and materials, to ensure durability, functionality and comfort. It will have a modular design that will allow it to be transformed into a wheelchair or stretcher, in a few simple steps. The bed will have an automated mechanism that will convert it into a wheelchair, without the need for any manual effort.

The wheelchair will have a joystick control system that will allow the patient to move in any direction, with ease. Additionally, the wheelchair can be controlled through a mobile app, providing an additional level of convenience. The mobile app will also have features such as location tracking, emergency buttons, and user preferences that can be customized to meet the patient's needs.

The stretcher will have a sturdy frame that can accommodate patients of different sizes and weights. It will have adjustable headrest and leg supports, ensuring maximum comfort during transport. The stretcher will be lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport.

Programme Detail

Expected Outcome:

The Nurse Bed will provide a new level of mobility and convenience for patients who require assistance with their daily routine. The automated wheelchair and stretcher features will make it easier for caregivers to transport patients to the hospital, improving the overall hospital experience. The user-friendly interface and mobile app will make it easy for patients to control their mobility, enhancing their sense of independence and control.

The Nurse Bed will also help reduce the workload of caregivers and nurses by providing a versatile and efficient solution for patient mobility. It will be an asset to hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities, improving the quality of care provided to patients.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Nurse Bed is an innovative and practical solution for patient mobility. The integration of modern technology and materials will ensure that this bed is durable, functional and comfortable for patients. It will be a valuable addition to healthcare facilities, improving the quality of care provided to patients while reducing the workload of nurses and caregivers. The Nurse Bed is a big step forward in the direction of smart healthcare, and will greatly benefit the healthcare industry.

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Mohammed Maaz


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Abhinav Zende


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Mohammed Hashim


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