April 16, 2019

Top Up Lecture – ‘Electromagnetic Interference’


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a Top up lecture on ‘ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE’, on 5th April 2019, at Seminar Hall 4. The event started at 10:30 am. The 4th and 6th Semester students of EEE Department participated in this activity, accompanied by EEE faculty. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Vijay Hiralal Bhosale, Scientist ‘F’ (LRDE), DRDO, Bangalore.

The Top up Lecture focused on the following topics:

  • EMI Basic phenomenon and terminology
  • Major incidents that happened / EMI case histories
  • EMI sources and victims
  • Solutions to EMI problems
  • EMC test standards /methods

The lecture gave students a basic idea about Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and the difference between EMC and EMI. The major phenomena of EMI, such as emission, susceptibility and vulnerability were also covered in the lecture. The types of EMI such as Intra system and Inter system were also dealt with, by the speaker. The major incidents that happened worldwide, due to EMI – such as aircraft crashes, industrial accidents etc. – were also discussed. The students understood the different solutions for EMI related problems, and different EMI control techniques such as shielding, filtering, grounding, bonding, isolation, cable design etc.

Outcome of the Event

The Lecture was very interactive and interesting, right from the word ‘go’. Both students and faculty participated actively, and it helped them to understand the basic concepts of EMI and EMC. The lecture also helped students to enhance their knowledge of EMI sources, types and causes, EMI effects, EMI control techniques, standards etc. The lecture prompted the students to develop innovative thinking in the field of EMI and EMC.