November 29, 2018

Training on Line Follower Robot using ARDUINO


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized basic training on Line Follower Robot, on 29th September 2018 and 3rd October 2018, at Robolab. This training was conducted by final year students of ECE. Nearly 38 students from different branches of Engineering participated in the training.

The training was divided into two sessions. In the first session, the Robolab coordinators explained to the trainees about how to choose components for different robots, and elucidated on the ARDUINO board and the components required for LINE FOLLOWER.

In the second session, the students started to work on finishing the Line Follower. The training was coordinated by Mr. Bhanuteja G (Asst. Professor, ECE), Ms. Varsha P H (Asst. Professor, ECE). The students from the 7th semester gave the training to their juniors.


  • The students learnt about the basics of Arduino.
  • The 38 student trainees understood the basics of Robotics and interfacing components with Arduino.
  • The students learnt about the working of the IR sensor, and construction of the basic Line Follower.