VerTechX 9.0 brings to you the most daunting and challenging technical fest of 2019, hosted by MVJ College of Engineering. On the 1st and 2nd of March 2019, the nation will witness a technical revolution lead by the youth with a persistent goal in mind. Technology, with its new age innovations, has been nothing less than pure magic, and we aim to offer the best minds of the nation an opportunity to portray their talents.

The fest will host a crowd like never before, from the mind-trotters battling it out with their bots at the 'Fighter Bot' event, all the way to the sapient bunch waging a war at the 'ROBO-SOCCER' event. With prizes worth INR 500000, there is only one question you must ask yourself. "Is my brain wired differently?"


(Raspberry Pi,Speed-o-Track)

Faculty Coordinator
Dr. I. Hameem Shanavas: 9620659690

Student Coordinators
Sumir R: 6361789617
Vishwas Pinto: 8105695011
Swagato Basu: 8697670834
Mohammed Rilwan: 8904146914
Sindhura V: 7411461430
Tithi A: 7411567110
Mohit: 8147935434
Rashid: 9741590611
Arun Kumar: 9972531408
Ramya: 9535590567