April 6, 2019

Watch for ‘Kawach’, No helmet? Device prevents bike from starting


No helmet? Device prevents bike from starting

A group of students from a college in Bengaluru have devised a system that will not let a rider start his vehicle if he does not have the helmet on. What more? The rider cannot also ride if he is drunk too.

A group of students from MVJ College of Engineering have now designed Kawach, a smart helmet that has multiple functions based on the three different models.

The helmet that is connected to the bike through various modes, does not let the bike start when the user has not worn a helmet. Besides, sensors in the helmet automatically detect whether the rider is drunk and do not let vehicle start.

Kawach M&C, a variant of the smart helmet is the advanced version that can be used by construction workers and miners. The sensors placed on the helmet identify the threshold of vibration and alert the supervisor that an accident has occurred and help needs to be sent immediately.

Along with the alert message, it also sends the location of the accident to make it easier for rescuers to locate the victim, according to the college. This helmet also comes with a mechanical SOS button which the person can use when in need.

The hemlet has been designed by four students Saivenkat Patro, Nikhitha, Megha S and Suvra Pratim Roy. Megha said, “Several lives are lost every year due to bike accidents. The idea behind the system is to prevent deaths. These helmets and bike systems are linked by GPS and GSM sensors for connectivity and an emergency contact receives messages in case of an accident. It has an alcohol sensor to check whether the driver is drunk or not. Touch sensors ensure the helmet is worn and connected via bluetooth.”

The students also hope to incorporate models with cooling systems for riders during summer and defoggers to get rid of the fog and droplets on visors during monsoons. These systems would be priced at Rs 6,000 on average for the consumer, the students said.

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