October 28, 2019

Workshop on ‘Gamification – Breaking the Silos’


The Department of Management Studies organized a Workshop on ‘Gamification – Breaking the Silos’, on 16th October, 2019. The session started at 9:30 am and ended at 12:40 pm, and 40 students from 2nd year MBA participated in the Workshop.


The Workshop was organized with the aim of enabling the students to integrate game mechanics for employee motivation, engagement and loyalty.

Flow of the Session:

The Workshop was conducted by Mr. V Veeramani, NLP Trainer and a Serial Entrepreneur. He wears many hats – he is also a mentor for 6 Startups, and has trained 60 plus B-Schools and Colleges. He is Sales and Strategic Consultant to mid-sized firms, and has conducted many Workshops across Asia.

The event started with a welcome speech by Ms. N Darshitha (MBA 3rd Semester), following which the Resource Speaker was introduced by Ms. J Hitha (MBA 3rd Semester), in the presence of our Principal Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, who addressed the students, reminiscing about the games played in our childhood days and their influence in our later life. He also listed out the concepts and lessons that we learn from those games.

The session started with an interesting conversation about Management related activities which we do in our day-to-day life, without realizing that these are management concepts. And the best part was, the students learnt engagement and motivation, by using game mechanics that were taught by the Speaker, through certain games. They gained knowledge about communication, behaviour and certain other factors, which are very essential to enter a corporate life. He also enlightened the students about the various strategies used by the corporate world, in HR, Marketing and Finance. He concluded the session by unfolding the mechanics of practical application of the basic concepts learnt in MBA.

The session lasted for about 3 hours, and the students were very keen and enthusiastic. They enjoyed the entire session, by actively participating in the various activities and games.

The Workshop ended with the Vote of Thanks by Ms. Jallu Divya (MBA 3rd Semester).

Outcome of the Event

The Workshop was a great success, as the students enjoyed the entire session.More importantly, they are well equipped to incorporate game mechanics in their work life.