September 24, 2019



The Department of Management Studies organized a Workshop on ‘Micro Analysis of Financial Statement’,on 13th September, 2019. The session started at 9:30 am and ended at 12:40 pm, and 38 students from 2nd year MBA participated in the Workshop.


The Workshop was organized with the aim of enabling the students to analyze the financial statement of any company, within 30 seconds.

Flow of the Session:

The Workshop was conducted by Dr.S Chandrasekar, Ex Assistant Vice President, ING Vysya Bank.He is also a renowned corporate and B-School Trainer, with an illustrious trail of experience and qualifications on various facets of Management, especially in the Banking sector.

The event started with a welcome speech by Ms. AffifaSadiya (MBA 3rd Semester), following which the Chief Guest was introduced by Ms. N Dharshitha (MBA 3rd Semester),in the presence of our Principal Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, who addressed the students, highlighting the downfall of the Automobile Industry and the reasons given by Finance ministries, for this downfall. He emphasized the need for research in existing policies and trends, to look for innovative methods to become a successful entrepreneur. He stressed the need foran organization to balanceits financial position, by quoting the example of the unfortunate suicide of Cafe Coffee Day owner V G Siddhartha. He also underlined the critical role that Questioning plays, for getting answers for financial and managerial problems;he said this would help students develop a problem-solving attitude.

The session started with a few basic activities to check the attentiveness of the students, in order to sharpen their minds for quick grasping of the strategies that were going to be taught. Then the Speaker handed out a balance sheet that had to be analysed, and taught a few strategies to be used to abridge the Financial Statement. The Speaker made sure that every student went through the 5 important steps that should be followed while analysing a Financial Statement. As the session went on, 6 more balance sheets of different companies were issued, and the students were able to analyse them quickly and effectively.

The session lasted for about 3 hours, and the students were very keen and enthusiastic. They enjoyed the entire session with the Speaker maintaining a good rapport with them by clarifying their doubts.

The Workshop ended with the Vote of Thanks by Mr. Ashwin Dexter (MBA 3rd Semester).

Outcome of the Event

The Workshop was a great success as the students enjoyed the entire session, and more importantly, they mastered the art of analysing any company’s Balance Sheet, within 30 seconds.