March 25, 2019

Workshop on Renewable Energy


The Department of EEE organized a Workshop titled ‘Renewable Energy’, on 15th March 2019, for all the students and faculty of the EEE department. The Workshop was conducted from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm, at Seminar Hall 4. The Resource Persons for the Workshop were Mr. B Sangmesh, Incubation Manager, AIC JIT foundation and Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Founder, Harsha Renewables, Bangalore. The Workshop was divided into two sessions, and covered the major aspects of Solar and Wind energy.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar handled the first session, which was on Solar Energy. He explained about the basics of solar cell technology, and the types of solar plants. He elaborated on Stand-alone system, Grid tie system and Hybrid system.  He also gave inputs on the various opportunities available in the area of solar energy. He explained briefly about ultra-solar technology, and the project he is currently working on.

The second session on Wind Energy was handled by Mr. B Sangmesh. He started the session by stressing on the importance and advantages of wind energy. He explained how the problems caused to other aviators such as birds are overcome by using additional sound source in the wind mills. He also spoke about the assembly of windmills. He elaborated on the types of windmills and the reason why we are going for horizontal axis wind turbines, though the efficiency of vertical axis wind turbine is more.

Mr. Sangmesh explained about the installation cost of a windmill, and the various tests that are carried out before the installation. He gave a comparison about the increase in the amount of power generation in recent years.

The Workshop was beneficial to the students, as it helped them understand the importance of Renewable Energy.

Outcome of the Event:

  • Students understood the importance of Solar and Wind energy
  • They acquired details about ultra-solar technology.
  • They gathered knowledge on the various structures and advantages and wind turbine.