June 14, 2021

9th Place At Aerothon 2021


Aerothon 2021 was a Virtual Aircraft Design Contest held for Students all over India.

And Trishul team from MVJ College of Engineering got into the top ten teams and secured the 9th position in Aerothon 2021.

A special Mention prize of 5000 was presented for in the grounds of best original design category.
The finale event was hosted in Youtube Live on 13th June 2021.

1 Koushik Udayachandran 


Aeronautical Engineering

2 Vijay S


Aeronautical Engineering

3 Sachin Kumar


Aeronautical Engineering

4 Shreehari


Aeronautical Engineering

5 Team was guided by Prof. S C Gupta

HOD & Professor

Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Aerothon 2021 is Detailed Aircraft design event hosted by the prestigious organization operating worldwide and in India. which is SAE INDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA).

The event started out with a given set of critical design parameters for aircraft.
Participants had to design an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to best suit the design parameters and provide a better result among all the other teams.

Our UAV platform was named as Trishul which was designed to provide solutions to predict , prevent and protect the forest life from forest fires and providing the most optimal Aircraft performance as well.
We were ranked as the 9th team all over India and named as the best original concept design . and were presented 5000 rupees as cash reward..

A total of 500 plus participants ,grouped as 80 plus teams all over India took part in this event and team TRISHUL stood as the 9th team among them.