Innovate . Create . Engineer .

Innovate . Create . Engineer .

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College of Engineering

Embarking on a transformative journey spanning four decades, MVJ College of Engineering has evolved into a dynamic hub of learning, blending technical prowess with character development.

The goal of MVJCE has been to create efficient programmes that allow students to be carefully transformed into highly motivated graduates and postgraduates, enriched with professional competence, managerial skills, inherent dynamism and humanism, and industry ready. The curriculum is revamped based on the recommendations of NEP 2020, AICTE (Model Curriculum), UGC, VTU as well as National, Societal & industry requirements.

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Board of Governors

MVJ College of Engineering

Our board of governors comprises dedicated individuals driven by a shared vision of holistic education. With diverse expertise and unwavering commitment, they lead by example, fostering an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

Dr. B N Suresh


Shri. M J Balachandar


Prof. B N Raghunandan


Dr. Viraj Kumar


Mr. Vasantha Kumar Narayan


Shri. P S Krishnan


Prof. S Chandrasekar


Dr. K. Ramachandra


Prof. Jitendra B. Naik

UGC Nominee

Dr. Suresh Babu V

Member Secretary

Dr. M Brindha

Member Convenor

Dr. I Hameem Shanavas

Faculty Member

A wealth of learning opportunities and extensive experiences that foster a lifelong curiosity for exploration.



MVJCE for Life

Great Career Outcomes

MVJCE’s Placement Cell bridges corporates and students for recruitment, ensuring students are highly employable. Through 160 extra hours of targeted training over four years, we boost confidence, analytical skills, presentations, communication, and technical prowess.

Student Achievements

MVJ College of Engineering takes pride in the remarkable achievements of its students, reflecting their prowess in academic, extracurricular, and entrepreneurial pursuits. From winning national coding competitions to excelling in research projects, students consistently showcase their talents and skills.

Vibrant Campus Culture

MVJ College of Engineering is not just an institution; it’s a vibrant hub of life and opportunities. From engaging events and diverse clubs to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting sports, our campus pulsates with energy.

MVJ College of Engineering

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Successful Alumni


Success at MVJCE is propelled by commitment, persistence, ongoing education, and a nurturing community.

Engineering Leaders

of tomorrow

Cutting-edge research labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Dedicated faculty providing mentorship and guidance for academic pursuits.

Commitment to academic excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.

State-of-the-art laboratory amenities encouraging pioneering research at MVJCE.

State-of-the-art sports facilities for athletic excellence at MVJCE.

MVJCE’s exceptional computer lab: Where technology meets innovation.

Department of CSE

Yuvraj V
Vice President of Dhwani

President of Toastmasters Club


The Silicon Valley of India

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