Admission Advisory

We would like to warn applicants about unscrupulous agencies/ agents/middlemen that may put out misleading claims or advertisements, promising seats on various courses or programs at MVJCE.

We refute all such misleading claims and advertisements, with all the authority at our command, as being totally false. We wish to affirm that we have no agents or middlemen for admissions under management quota, reserved seats, or payment seats of any kind.

In case such agencies/ agents approach you, please email us at contactmvjce@gmail.com, giving us the details, and we will take necessary action. The seats for all courses offered by MVJ College of Engineering can be secured only from the Admissions Office at MVJCE Campus, by merit in the qualifying examination / entrance test.

All admissions are subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria. If at any stage it is found that an applicant has provided false or incorrect information / certificates, or that he/she has wilfully concealed any information, then his/her admission will be immediately cancelled. The fee, if any, paid by the applicant, shall be forfeited. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that they fulfill all eligibility requirements and furnish correct information for the course/s applied.

The MVJCE website provides guidelines and information about our courses and institutions.