A 200% increase in research funding over the past five years,
reaching $1 million annually, driving innovation under various projects.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering PhD

About this Programme

The Research Centre in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at MVJ College of Engineering epitomizes the fusion of knowledge and innovation. Endorsed by VTU, it stands among esteemed institutions pioneering advancements in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Serving as a collaborative hub for joint research projects and technical developments, it upholds the highest academic standards. With cutting-edge facilities and a diverse research portfolio, it addresses pressing challenges and secures funding from various agencies.

Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Ranked Amongst the top 75 Engineering in India
Highlights of Ph.D Program at MVJCE

Areas of Research: Trending Topics

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Applied Math For Power Systems And Energy
  • Smart Grids And Microgrid

Cutting-Edge Research: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Promoting a culture of innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration to address contemporary challenges in various engineering domains.

Empowering Faculty: Driving Engineering Progress
Encouraging faculty members to explore research opportunities and secure funding from prestigious agencies for groundbreaking projects.

Fostering Innovation: Nurturing Research Culture
Providing a conducive environment for faculty and students to engage in cutting-edge research through state-of-the-art infrastructure and resource allocation.

Multidisciplinary Research: Shaping Engineering’s Future
Facilitating collaboration across departments and industries to tackle complex societal and technological issues through interdisciplinary research initiatives.

Strategic Research Planning: Industry-Aligned Projects
Identifying thrust areas and providing guidance to faculty members to undertake research projects aligned with industry needs and national priorities.

Celebrating Research Excellence: Scholarly Achievements
Recognizing and incentivizing faculty achievements in research publications, patents, and project outcomes to foster a culture of excellence.

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Research Promotion: Empowering Researchers
Implementing policies to support research activities, including financial assistance, reduced teaching loads, and special leave provisions for significant research progress.

Academic Events: Knowledge Exchange
Organizing national and international events to facilitate knowledge exchange, networking, and dissemination of research findings.

Advanced Labs: Catalyzing Innovation
Equipping department-wise R&D laboratories with cutting-edge equipment and resources to support innovative research endeavors.

Industry Collaboration: Bridging Academia and Industry
Cultivating partnerships with external organizations to sponsor research projects and provide opportunities for students to engage in real-world problem-solving.

Sneak Peek into Your Ph.D Journey

Embark on an enriching Ph.D. journey at MVJCE, where cutting-edge research meets academic excellence. Our research-driven program offers state-of-the-art facilities, interdisciplinary collaboration, and expert guidance to nurture your scholarly pursuits. Join a vibrant community of scholars dedicated to shaping the future of engineering through innovative research and sustainable solutions. Unlock your potential and make impactful contributions to the field.

Placement Opportunities

Elevate your career prospects with plentiful placement opportunities post-Ph.D. across various programs at MVJCE. Our graduates find lucrative positions in esteemed organizations, leveraging their expertise and research acumen. Whether in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or other specialized fields, one can find avenues abound in reputable sectors.

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Fostering Future Research Experts
Admissions & Eligibility

Admissions Overview

Part-Time programme
Candidates having minimum professional experience of one year after his/her UG Degree from among faculty members working in any Engineering College / Polytechnic / University / Deemed to be a university (recognized/accredited by appropriate bodies in India) or research staff of public/private organizations are eligible to pursue PhD.

Fulltime Ph.D. programme

  • Candidates who take up Ph.D programmes on a Fulltime basis shall not be allowed to take up any employment during the period of the PhD programme. However, they can receive a scholarship/ fellowship/ stipend/ assistantship, if any, after intimating the respective Research Centre.
  • Candidates who take up a PhD programme on a full-time basis under the Full-time category shall do research work in MVJ Research Centre. They shall be available during working hours for curricular, co-curricular and related activities.

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  • Candidates with PG Degree: The candidates must possess a Master’s Degree in Engineering / Technology, or equivalent Degree, or M.S. (Research) Degree from the University or any other University recognized by VTU, with a minimum CGPA of 6.75 out of 10, or 60% aggregate marks, at either the Bachelor’s or the Master’s Degree.
  • Candidates with valid VTU-ETR

Candidates are requested to submit their detailed resume with the copy of VTU-ETR 2023 Result sheet to PhD-admissions@mvjce.edu.in

Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.The candidate must submit the title of the research area and the research proposal, along with his/her application, to the Expert Panel.