Established in 1982, MVJ College of Engineering has completed 42 years in
imparting quality engineering education, in the city of Bangalore.



The National Education Policy 2020 recently adopted by the Government of India envisages quality education to all youngsters, with the main aim of grooming good, thoughtful, well-rounded and creative individuals. NEP 2020 also advocates developing character, ethical values, constitutional values, intellectual curiosity, scientific temper, creativity and all other associated virtues. 

The curriculum is revamped by considering the recommendations of NEP 2020, AICTE and UGC. Courses in the area of emerging technologies, multidisciplinary courses have been included in the curriculum to make it Industry relevant and application oriented. More emphasis is on experiential learning to avoid rote learning.

‘Honours’ would be an “add-on” degree for a student. “From the fifth semester onwards, students have to take up 18 additional credit courses and at the end of the term, the student will be eligible for both B.E. in the respective branch along with B.E. Honours.

Students can also pursue a B.E. Programme with a Major in one specialization and a minor in another specialization.

The tagline of MVJCE is coined: ‘Engineering A Better Tomorrow’, with the aim to train the students, and to impart education beyond the curriculum, to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Since its founding, MVJCE has evolved, and perfected a unique approach towards knowledge delivery for all programmes.