These programs are designed to improve student’s confidence levels, analytical, logical,
presentation, communication, and technical skills.

Training and Development

Training & Development Programmes for Students on Placement

Our training programmes are designed to improve confidence levels, analytical thought, presentation delivery, communication skills and technical know-how. 250 hours of training and development sessions are integrated into the 4 years a student takes to acquire an Engineering degree.

These sessions are designed with the flexibility to regularly check performance and modify future sessions according to need. This continuous feedback and development process produces graduates and postgraduates of excellence. Combined with Engineering and Management specialization, these training and development programmes make the student industry ready. Assessments are conducted every week for the continuous improvement of their skills.

I Year: 72 hours

II Year: 72 hours

III Year: 78 hours

IV Year: 28 hours

Additional Training & Development

The Institute also creates opportunities for the overall development of skills through activities such as

Corporate Programmes
Mentoring Systems

MVJCE practices a robust mentoring system where every faculty member monitors and mentors the progress and development of 20 students during their tenure at the Institute. This enables continuous feedback for students as well as parents.

The Word ‘Education’ Comes From The Root E From Ex, Out, And Duco, I Lead. It Means A Leading Out. To Me Education Is Leading Out Of What Is Already There In The Pupil’s Soul.