The Indian chemical industry is expected to reach $300 billion
by 2025, reflecting a significant growth rate.

B.E. Chemical Engineering (CH)

About this Programme

Delve into the transformative realm of Chemical Engineering, where science meets innovation. From captivating chemistry labs to real-world applications, this program merges math, physics, biology, and engineering to shape our world. Chemical engineers revolutionize industrial production, designing processes that impact diverse sectors. Explore cutting-edge techniques and emerge as a leader in this dynamic field. Join us and revolutionize the way we produce things. Discover the top chemical engineering colleges paving the path to success.

Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Accredited from 2018-19 to 2024-25
Highlights of Chemical Engineering

Pathways to Success: Chemical Engineering at MVJCE
Delve into the myriad career opportunities awaiting graduates, spanning diverse industries and offering fulfilling roles in the chemical and allied sectors.

Innovative Solutions: A Sustainable Tomorrow
Explore how our program fosters innovative thinking among graduates, empowering them to engineer solutions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.

Mastering Specializations: Advancing Your Career
Uncover the doors opened by specialized higher education options, allowing students to delve deeper into fields like Petrochemicals, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology, enriching their expertise and prospects.

Navigating the Chemical Landscape: Program Outcomes
Journey through the comprehensive understanding and modern approaches graduates acquire, equipping them with the skills to tackle diverse challenges and navigate the complex realm of chemical engineering with confidence.

Engineering a Sustainable Future: Technical Proficiency
Discover how our graduates not only gain technical prowess but also cultivate collaboration and entrepreneurship skills, ensuring they are prepared to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future.

Charting Your Course: Why Choose Chemical Engineering
Explore the myriad reasons to choose MVJCE for your chemical engineering journey, from our top-ranked status to our holistic learning environment and industry-ready approach.

Engineering Excellence: MVJCE’s Accredited Program
Delves into the accreditation and autonomy that underpin our program, ensuring a tailored curriculum aligned with industry standards and offering graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

Beyond the Classroom: Holistic Education Approach
Step into the world of MVJCE’s holistic learning environment, where theoretical knowledge meets practical skills and extracurricular activities, shaping well-rounded graduates primed for success in the chemical engineering field.

A Sneak Peek Into Your Future

Chemical Engineers are problem-solvers, sought after for their skills and earning top salaries. At MVJCE, we blend sciences and managerial skills, offering diverse career paths in high-demand industries. With us, you can impact the world, from improving water quality to sustainable fuel development. Join MVJCE for a rewarding career in Pharmaceuticals, Energy, and more. Your future in Chemical Engineering begins here.

Placements at MVJCE

Unlock boundless opportunities with a Chemical Engineering degree from MVJCE. Ranked among Bangalore’s top engineering colleges, we offer a personalized, industry-ready curriculum within a nurturing environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty, and holistic approach ensure you’re equipped to thrive in diverse sectors, securing rewarding placements with industry giants like ONGC, GE, Reliance, and more. Your journey to a successful and impactful career begins here.

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Shaping Future Chemical Engineers:
The Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum

Evolving Technologies and Advanced Studies
The Chemical Engineering Curriculum at MVJCE integrates foundational principles with cutting-edge advancements in the Chemical and Process Industries. It emphasizes multidisciplinary education and industry input, ensuring students are equipped for evolving technological landscapes.

Flexible Learning Pathways
Aligned with NEP recommendations, students enjoy course flexibility via a Choice Based Credit system. Ability Enhancement Courses commence from the first year, empowering students to select from 11 verticals/clubs. This approach fosters innovative thinking and creativity, shaping graduates with professional competence and ethical values.

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