The objective of aircraft structures laboratory is to make the students understand the various principles involved in the aircraft structural design. The laboratory is equipped with Beam Test setup, Wagner beam, vibration of beam equipment and Shear Center Test setup. Students can determine the load distribution in the structural members and learn the causes for deformation produced in a structural component. This immensely helps the students to enrich their knowledge in the design of various aircraft structural components, namely, wing, fuselage, landing gear, and control surfaces, etc. The structure's laboratory is used to enhance the learning experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students by encouraging them to undertake projects.

It provides the students with practical knowledge of various theorems like Maxwell’s reciprocal theorem, buckling phenomenon of columns and, WAGNER beam stress information. The vibration of beam equipment provides information on types of nodes and vibration patterns, and shear center equipment gives the exact shear center location of the closed and open section and determines the shear flow.

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