May 3, 2019

An Awareness Event on ‘Women’s Rights & Protection by Parihar’


Date of the event 11.4.2019
Title of the Event An Awareness Event on Women’s Rights & Protection by PARIHAR
Organized by Women Empowerment Cell, MVJCE, Bangalore

PARIHAR-Vanitha Sahayavani is the first community collaboration initiative by The Bengaluru City Police for protection of women. It is a proven safe haven where women and children can openly and safely discuss their personal discords and traumas like marital discord, dowry, physical abuse, substance abuse, psychiatric cases and more. PARIHAR provides holistic support to women and children in distress through immediate rescue, police support, counselling, short stay facility, medical aid, legal services and rehabilitation, all within a Safe environment. Their expert team of professional counsellors who are trained in social counselling are available 24/7 to respond to any distress calls. The services rendered are FREE and open to all. Their team works with key stakeholders in areas such as safety at schools, workplaces, public spaces and in sensitizing community.

MVJ College of Engineering , Bangalore invited Dr. Bindya Yohannan, Counsellor, Police commissioner’s office and Mrs. Preethi Balliga, Counsellor, Makala Sahayavani Police commissioner’s office  as an initiative to create an awareness about this community among the women staffs and students to seek help in need.

They created an awareness among all the participants about various types of abuses women face in day-to-day life. Mrs. Preethi Balliga explained about domestic violence act and also given tips on safety from domestic violence. Dr. Bindya Yohannan highlighted 2 case studies as PARIHAR impact. She has given tips on safety in social media related to  posting personal photos, videos, status etc. They have urged all the MVJCE women staffs and students to download the ‘Bangalore City Police App’ and also explained its usefulness.   Finally, a video was shown on women safety and Internet safety.

Overall it was a very useful informative session on Women’s Rights & Protection

Outcome of the event:

This event created an awareness among the MVJCE women staffs and students about PARIHAR community that has been working relentlessly to help thousands of women and children in need.  The participants also came to know about do’s and don’ts for their domestic and social media safety.