March 26, 2019



The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized SPARK club activity ‘ELECTRA’, on 1st March 2019, at Room No. 119. The event started at 8:30 am. The 4th and 6th Semester students of EEE Department participated in this activity. 10 teams were formed, with 2 students in each team. The activity comprised of three rounds.

Round 1: BRAIN POP

For the first round, students were asked to identify logos and symbols related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The time given was 10 minutes, and 8 teams cleared this round.

Round 2: DECODE

The teams selected from the first round were given a set of questions comprising circuit debugging, digital circuit designing and program decoding. Each team had to answer the given questions within 15 minutes. The teams who secured the maximum marks were shortlisted for the third round.

Round 3: TECH JAM

5 teams made it to the final round. Here, the shortlisted teams had to deliver a talk on the technical topic given to them, for one minute.

Prize Winners:

1st Place: Abhinand Vinodh and Ritwik Ram of 6th Semester
2nd Place: Sreejith R and Darshan Prakash of 4th Semester


The students participated actively in the event. They were able to enhance their technical skills through this activity. This activity helped the students to develop innovative thinking in the field of Electrical and Electronics. It also helped them to learn about time management and team work.