April 25, 2019

Club Activity on ‘POSTER DESIGN’


The Club Activity onPOSTER DESIGN’ was held on 22nd March 2019, by the Mechanical Engineering Department, in Room No. 047.

This Club activity was organized so that students will become aware of this emerging field and learn about recent trends in Mechanical Engineering, such as Solar collectors and concentrates, Solar stills and other desalination methods, Electro-Hydraulic Suspension, 3-D printing and All wheel Drive.

The Club Coordinator Mr. Raghavendra A, informed students about the rules and regulations of the event, in the presence of judges and senior faculty members.

10 Teams, with 5 members in each team, presented their posters. The judging panel had a technical questionnaire for the students, based on the criteria in the judging sheet.

At 3.30 pm, based on the jury panel decision, the results were announced by Dr. R Prabhu (Dean – Academies) and Dr. Marimuttu (Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering).

The Results:

First Prize:  Team 09, 4th semester students Sairus B and Team – Cash Prize of Rs.1000 and certificates

Second Prize: Team 05, 4th semester students Aylwin Pierre Johnson and Team – Cash Prize of Rs.500 and certificates

Third Prize: Team 05, 4th semester students Bhavana Ghali and Team, were given certificates

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Club Coordinator Mr. Raghavendra A, and a group Photo Session for students and Mechanical Engineering faculty.

Outcome of the Event:

The students are expected to enhance their Mechanical Engineering concepts, to apply these concepts technically, on the designs of various components. They learnt this through their innovative and creative pictorial depictions on Posters.