November 12, 2020

Department Club Event ‘E-Chemwizard’


The Department of Chemical Engineering, MVJCE, organized a Club activity ‘E-Chemwizard’, on 12th November 2020, through Microsoft Teams. The event started at 01:00 pm and ended at 4:00 pm, and was attended by 52 students (15 groups) from the Chemical Engineering Department.

The thought that led to the conducting of this event was: ‘Every day, we learn something new, but hardly bother to analyze our General Knowledge along with Analytical Skills’. This event aimed at making the students aware of their thinking skills and logical ability.

Round 1: Chem-Clearer

This Round was Quiz-based, with questions relating to basic Chemical Engineering, General Knowledge, Aptitude and Reasoning. 15 teams participated in this Round which was for 15 minutes. At the end of the Round, 7 teams qualified for the next Round.

Round 2: Chem-Connect

In this Round, a clue was displayed, and students of each team were given 10 minutes to solve the clue displayed. The students had to use their creativity skills to guess the answer. Further, they had to speak about that topic for 1 minute. 7 teams participated in this Round, which was conducted for 45 minutes. At the end of Round 2, 6 teams were selected to enter Round 3.

Round 3: Chem-Conqueror

 6 groups took part in this Round – a common picture was shown to all participants for 60 seconds, after which the display was turned off. The students were asked to write a story based on their perception of the picture. The teams were given ten minutes to write the story, weaving it around the characters shown in the picture. After 10 minutes, the stories were evaluated. Based on the narrating skills and time management, the Winners and Runners-up were declared.

The 1st Place was secured by N V K Renuk Rao (1MJ19CH011) and Siddhant F Habbu (1MJ19CH022) from 3rd semester Chemical Engineering. The 2nd Place was secured by Aastha Puspalak (1MJ17CH001), R Prathibha (1MJ17CH027), Vanishree (1MJ17CH042) and Vanusha G T (1MJ17CH043) from 7th semester Chemical Engineering.

The event was very interesting, interactive and beneficial to the students. The students solved the questions with a great display of team spirit, pitched in new ideas, and actively took part in the virtual Club activity.


“Knowledge is true, if it’s based on logic, not memory”. As a change from their regular curriculum, the students felt refreshed, and learnt a lot on time management, team work, presence of mind and logical thinking.

Mrs. Chaitra D, AP

Staff Coordinator