About Power Electronics Lab

The lab aims to impart practical expertise in Power Electronics to Undergraduate Students by understanding the concepts and working on advanced Power Semiconductor Devices and Power Electronics Circuits. It is accordingly well equipped with equipment and trainer kits to teach practical fundamentals to high-level concepts. Furthermore, this laboratory is equipped with Single Phase and Three Phase AC to DC Converters, DC-DC Choppers, Single Phase AC Voltage Controllers, Cyclo-converters, Single Phase, and Three Phase Inverters. In addition to that, the UG scholars and faculties utilize this laboratory to carry out their project and research work, respectively.

Practical's/experiments carried out in Lab

  • Static Characteristics of SCR.
  • Static Characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT.
  • Characteristic of TRIAC.
  • SCR turn-on a circuit using a synchronized UJT relaxation oscillator.
  • SCR digital triggering circuit for a single phase-controlled rectifier and ac voltage regulator.
  • Single phase controlled full wave rectifier with R load, R –L load, R-L-E load with and without freewheeling diode
  • AC voltage controller using TRIAC and DIAC combination connected to R and RL loads.
  • Speed control of DC motor using single semi converter.
  • Speed control of stepper motor.
  • Speed control of universal motor using ac voltage regulator.
  • Speed control of a separately excited D.C. Motor using an IGBT or MOSFET chopper.
  • Single phase MOSFET/IGBT based PWM inverter

Major Equipment used in the lab

  • 1. Induction Motor speed control unit
  • 2. Digital Storage Ossiloscope
  • 3. IGBT/MOSFET based PWM controlled inverter
  • 4. DC Motor speed control unit

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