July 11, 2019

Faculty Development Program on ‘Recent Trends in Engineering Materials & Nano Technology’


The Department of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry & Physics, MVJCE, organised Three Day Faculty Development Program on ‘Recent Trends in Engineering Materials & Nano Technology’ from 4th July 2019 to 6th July 2019 at Seminar Hall 4, MVJCE.


The FDP was attended by 24 faculty members, from the Department of Chemical Engineering Chemistry & Physics, MVJCE & Other Colleges like New Horizon College of Engg., AIT, Bangalore, Gopalan College of Engineering etc.

The Contents of the FDP, in brief:

The FDP was inaugurated by honourable chief guest Dr S T. Aruna, Principal Scientist, Surface Engineering Division, NAL, Bangalore, Dr Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, MVJCE, Dr. R Prabhu, Dean, MVJCE, Prof. M Nagapadma, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, MVJCE by lighting the Lamp. All the faculty members, participants from other institutions were present in the inaugural Session at 10.00 am on 04.07.2019.

Dr Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, MVJCE, addressed the gathering by highlighting the recent developments in the area of Chemical Engineering and its benefits to the society. Dr. R Prabhu, Dean, MVJCE, stressed the need of updating our knowledge in areas like advanced engineering materials, Nano technology by conducting and attending many technical sessions and conferences. 

Prof. M Nagapadma, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, MVJCE introduced the chief guest Dr S T. Aruna, Principal Scientist, Surface Engineering Division, NAL, Bangalore. An inspiring and stimulating keynote address was then given by the Dr S T. Aruna on “Engineering Materials & Nano technologies for Aerospace”. She covered the topics like Introduction to nanoscience & nanotechnology, Methods to create super-hydrophobic surfaces, Corrosion & wear resistant coatings. The lecture was really informative and Participants were enlightened with the most widely used advances in Nanotechnology.

Continuing with the Program, the second day (05.07.19) was started by welcoming the keynote speakers Dr Kathyayini Nagaraju, Professor, CIIRC, Jyothi Institute of Technolgy, Bangalore and Dr N Nagaraju, Professor, St Joseph College, Bangalore. Dr Kathyayini Nagaraju delivered keynote address on CNT – transition metal oxides, nano composites for high performance hybrid super capacitors and applications of nano technology. The next session was followed by Dr N Nagaraju on Catalysis Science and Technology. He talked about development of industrial catalysts and its applications.

Afternoon Session started with keynote address by Dr. Balaram Sahoo, Associate Professor, Materials Research Center, IISc, Bangalore on “Science & Technology of EMI materials”. He discussed about electromagnetic interference and dielectric materials. He also emphasized on facilities available in IISc and also assured his help for the research activities. The session continued with the introduction to the guest of honor Dr C D Madhusoodana, General Manager, BHEL Corp R & D, Bangalore by Prof M Nagapadma. Dr C D Madhusoodana delivered lecture on “Advances in Ceramic Materials & Nano technology”. He enlightened the participants with the novel technologies like Membrane reactor, membrane distillation, and membrane absorption and carbon sequestration techniques.

In the valedictory function, Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms Chaitra D, AP, Department of Chemical Engg. She thanked all the resource speakers, management of MVJCE and all the faculties for faculties for the successful conduction of FDP.

The industrial visit was arranged for the faculties on 6th July 2019. We started at 8.15 am from MVJCE and reached at HP Green R&D Centre at 8.45 am. An introductory session about HP Green R&D Centre was given to all the faculties by Dr Pramod  Kumar.  HPGRDC has seven world-class labs Hydro-processing, Catalysis, Bioprocesses, Crude Evaluation and Fuels Research, Analytical and Nano Technology. The Faculties were divided into group of two and taken inside the three labs FCC, Analytical and hydro-processing lab where they were accompanied by the concern in charges of labs.

The analytical facility has several sophisticated instruments namely NMR, XPS, HPLC, GC, Powder X-ray Diffractometer, Raman Spectroscopy , Fourier transform infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Ultra Violet-Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) , SEM, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer etc has been shown by engineers .In the Hydro processing lab , Pilot plant to study petroleum  processes such as Diesel Hydro-desulphurization, Diesel Hydro treating, Naphtha Hydro treating, Hydro cracking, Isomerization were shown. These pilot plants help them to develop and test new technologies and new catalyst formulation for better feed conversion.

Outcome of the Event:

This three days FDP helped to stimulate thought process, arousing interest and motivating further inquiry and discussion among faculties. The FDP provided a platform for faculty members to enrich their teaching skill and research in the field of Engineering Materials & Nano technologies. The three day FDP provided a better insight into the recent trends in the field of Nanomaterials and application of Catalysts in various fields. This FDP enabled faculty members to explore various analytical instruments, Fluidized catalytic cracking unit, pyrolysis unit, and Catalyst deactivator unit for testing the efficiency of catalyst. The program broadly focused on enhancing functional area expertise, improving one’s classroom performance in latest subjects and enriching the abilities for conducting meaningful research. The FDP focused on the latest technologies and systems in the field of chemical engineering, Chemistry and Physics.