September 1, 2019

Guest Lecture on ‘Data Science & Analysis’


Date of the Event 10.8.2019
Title of the Event Guest Lecture on ‘Data Science & Analysis’
Organized by Information Science and Engineering Department
Name of Resource Speaker Mr. Anand Gurumurthy, CEO, Cosmitude Software Pvt. Ltd.

The Department of Information Science & Engineering, MVJCE, organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Data Science & Analysis’, on 10th August 2019, at 10:30 am, in Seminar Hall 4, MVJCE. 110 students from the ISE Department attended the Guest Lecture.

The main focus of this Guest Lecture was to create an awareness on the ‘Data Science Analytics’ domain, which is popular in all academia, business sectors, and research and development, to make effective decisions in day to day activities.

Resource Speaker, Mr. Anand Gurumurthy began the lecture by explaining the existence of Data Science concepts in various fields. He elaborated an example usage of data science in Textile Engineering. He explained the data science oriented algorithms through various case studies, which not only helped the students understand the concepts with ease, but also provided an insight on the real-time applications in the aforementioned domain.

There was an interactive Question and Answer session following the presentation, and the programme came to an end with the proposal of Vote of Thanks.

Outcome of the Event:

Students gained knowledge in Data Analytics concepts which assist in decision making and justifying the several technical models. They gained awareness on various application areas of this technology such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics to minimize the costs.