April 2, 2021



Department of Chemistry, MVJCE, organized a Guest lecture on 27.03.2021 for first semester Chemistry cycle students, at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall, at 10:45 AM.

Date of the Event 27.03.2021
Title of the Event Nanotechnologies Inspired by Nature: An Overview
Guest Speaker Dr. S.T. Aruna (Principal Scientist CSIR, NAL, Bangalore)
Organized by Chemistry Department
Event Coordinators from Chemistry Department Dr. V. Udaya Kumar (Professor and HOD)

Mrs. Swati Lal (Assistant Professor)

Dr. S.T Aruna, Principal Scientist, CSIR, NAL, presented a Lecture on ‘Nanotechnologies Inspired by Nature: An Overview’. She explained the basics of nanotechnology, and subsequently emphasized on the concept of nanotechnology present in nature and how it can be implemented to make new materials. She described a few techniques and characterization methods that are being used currently in the development of novel nanomaterials.

The highlight of the Lecture was Dr. Aruna’s exposition on the application of nanomaterials from run-of-the-mill to sophisticated equipment, and their development by applying the concept of nature. The Lecture ended with a Question-and-Answer session, where Questions posed by students were answered by the Guest Speaker.

Outcome of the event

At the end of the session, the students gained a lot of clarity on the concept and understood the importance of Nanotechnology, which is a part of their curriculum.

Image 1: Department of Chemistry organized a Guest Lecture on ‘ Nanotechnologies Inspired by Nature: An Overview’

Image 2: On the stage, Dr. V. Udaya Kumar and Dr. S.T Aruna, Guest Speaker, at the Lecture ’Nanotechnologies Inspired by Nature: An Overview‘, held  at Rajlakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall

Image 3: Students of the Chemistry cycle attending the Lecture

Image 4: Students interacting with the Speaker in the Question-and Answer session