September 12, 2020

Ideation Challenge


The Software Development Club, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MVJCE, organized the club event ‘Ideation Challenge’, on 12.09.2020. The event aimed to help students to challenge assumptions, think outside the box, and explore innovative ideas.

‘Ideation Challenge’ happened virtually in the presence of Dr. Arvind (Professor, Dept. of CSE), Mr. Aji Nair (Coordinator, Innovation Cell, MVJCE), Mrs. Deepa Acharya (AP, CSE) and the student coordinator Mr. Aman Kumar Mahapatra (Fifth semester, CSE).

The event began at 2:30 pm on 12.09.2019. 46 participants took part in the event as teams, with each team comprising of 2-3 members.

Ideation Challenge

In Ideation Challenge, the participants had to come up with innovative solutions that use the latest advanced analytical technologies, to improve efficiency and enable a business to achieve more in less time.

The teams were asked to submit their Ideas in the form of presentations, and provide a brief explanation. Maximum three members were allowed in a team. Since it was an online challenge, students could participate virtually from anywhere. The students were asked to come up with innovative ideas in the fields of Reinforcement learning, Bio-Informatics, Energy Storage, Business Intelligence, Sustainable Energy, Internet of Things etc.

The participants were evaluated based on the innovativeness of the topics selected, their presentation skills and implementation techniques.

Winner (1st Place): Abhishek Ranjan (Fifth semester, CSE) presented on the topic ‘Use of Medical AI in the field of mental health’

Winners (2nd Place): Ganapathi N A (Fifth semester, ECE) and Manjunath R (Fifth semester, ME) presented on the topic ‘Agricultural and Rural Development’.

Winners (3rd Place): Pavan A (Seventh semester, AE) and Usha Gowda (Seventh semester, AE) presented on the topic ‘Acoustic and Magnetics induced smart Agriculture’


The event was a good platform for the students to showcase their innovative ideas as well as their competing sprit. Students were also encouraged to come up with prototypes of the ideas they presented.