Work in areas such as Manufacturing & Process Industries, Health Care, Software Engineering Management and Financial Organisations.



If you are interested in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of men, material and equipments, this course is for you. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skills in mathematical, physical and social sciences along with techniques of engineering analysis to design, specify, predict and evaluate systems.


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Delphi, HCL, Nestle, Oracle, SAP, SKF, TVS, Toyota, Volvo, HP, etc.


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Mr Hari Prasad

Mr Hari Prasad has completed his under graduation from JNTU College of engineering Hyderabad (Autonomous) in Metallurgical engineering. He got his M.Tech degree from IIT Madras in Material Science and Metallurgical engineering. He has very good industrial experience and joined in academics 2011. He was awarded with the best faculty for the year of 2013.

He is handy in Welding technology, Manufacturing processes, Non-Destructive Testing, Rapid Prototyping, Powder Metallurgy, Ceramics and Composite materials, Aircraft Materials, Corrosion engineering, Smart materials, Nanotechnology, and Heat Treatment of Metals (Ferrous and non-ferrous). He has been working as an Assistant Professor in MVJ College of engineering (Bangalore) from the past 6years.

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CNC acronym for Computer Numerical Control is extensively used by manufacturing industries since late sixties. It has proliferated to all industries due to its advantages and flexibility. Students write the program of the component to be machined, carryout graphical simulation for prima-facie verification of the program and execute the program on the CNC machine to machine components. They carry out experiments using robot for pick and place, stacking of components,etc. The lab has CNC LATHE, CNC MILLING machine and six axes Robot.

ERP acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning integrates all departments and function across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all the departments particular need. ERP system is cross functional and enterprise wide, manages internal and external recourses and facilitates flow of information among all business functions viz marketing, manufacturing, SCM, Financial and project management, HRM and CRM. Students using Sixth Sence ERP software to carry out real world operations in a business environment. It enables students to get insight about Industry operations and importance of cross functional transparency. ERP is a way to integrate data and business processes.

Industrial Engineering deals with process improvement, problem identification and solution with a primary emphasis on value addition. The students conduct experiments in the areas of Time study, Work study and Method study to establish Time standards and improve efficiency of operation. They study the movement of men and material to eliminate waste. Belt conveyor is used for conducting experiments on Assembly line balancing for maximizing output, minimizing the no. of work stations and reduction of delay time in assembly line mass production goods. Experiments using Walking Simulator is carried out in order to estimate pace rating of workmen. This helps in determining standard times.

Metrology is science of Measurement. Measurement is the language of Science. In this lab students carryout experiments using various Tools & Devices like, Vernier Calipers, Micrometer, Bevel Proctractor, Profile Projector, Monochromatic Chuck light, Motorized Vernier Height Gauge , Comparator, Autocollimator, Roghness Tester, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Sine Centre, etc., to measure dimensions like length, height, width, diameter, angle, various dimensions of a thread, flatness & straightness of engineering components.

Quality means to what extent a product or a service meets the specifications, closer it meets, better the quality it has. Quality is an integral part of manufacturing. Quality assumes more importance as it is addressed by top management by way of TQM (Total Quality Management). Experiments on various tools and techniques of Quality management viz 7 Qc tools, acceptance sampling, goodness of fit etc. are carried out by the students using Minitab software. The tools and techniques help to know deviations from standards and is analyzed to know causes of deviations.

Real world systems are complex. Usage of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and IT in the products has further increased the complexity resulting in limited applications of analytical techniques. Numerical methods to a certain extent miticate this situation. To deal with such problems “Simulation” is one of the power full tool. Simulation is the process of designing and creating a model of real world system to study system performance and what if conditions. Arena software is being used for simulation lab



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