September 26, 2018

Industrial Visit – ISRO


A one-day Industrial Visit to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) – also known as ISAC, Bangalore – was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication, on 26th September, 2018. 45 students of the 5th Semester, along with 2 faculty members, visited ISAC.

ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) is the lead center of the Indian Space Research Organization. It is responsible for design, development, assembly and integration of communication, navigation, remote sensing, and scientific and small satellite missions. For the benefit of students, there is a Space Exhibition Center at ISAC.  Our students visited the exhibition, too. Scientist Mr. H L Srinivasan explained each and every display unit at the exhibition. It includes the models of the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta, APPLE, INSAT series etc. Satellites are basically of two types – Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites and communication satellites. IRS-1A was the first remote sensing mission undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It was a part-operational, part-experimental mission, to develop Indian expertise in satellite imagery.

Students also gained knowledge about how television signals are broadcast with the help of satellites. A working model was demonstrated. Students saw various images of India taken at different angles from the satellites, for the purpose of geographical/weather study. Latest images of the moon obtained from satellite were also exhibited. The different electronic devices used in satellite and space communication were explained.

The ‘clean room’ concept for assembling of satellites was shown to the students. It was a great experience for them. A video depicting the moon mission of ‘Chandraayan’ was also screened. Finally, the scientists answered many questions put forth by the students and cleared many doubts which students had about satellite launching.

Outcome of the Event:

Students understood the practical uses of satellite communications, and also learnt about the various methods used in building satellites.