May 28, 2019



The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MVJCE, organised an Industrial Visit to AIRFORCE TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Jalahalli West, Bengaluru.

The visit was scheduled on 20th March 2019, from 11 am to 3 pm.

52 students from the 6th semester of the Third year were taken on this one-day visit to the Airforce Technical College, to get a brief understanding about the opportunities available for fresh graduates. They were accompanied by two faculty members. The session by Ms Nimisha, Faculty of AFTC, started at around 10.30 am. She gave an inspiring account of the industrial requirements, and the role of Aeronautical Engineers in the Indian Airforce. This was followed by a question and answer session.

Later, the students, accompanied by the faculty of AFTC, were taken to the facilities, where they saw the static model of MIG-21 and MIG-27 model. The students were also shown around other facilities such as propulsion lab, Flight Simulators lab, Missiles, Bombs and Radar System Museum, Ejection System and the Central Library of AFTC. At all these areas, the respective faculty of AFTC gave inputs about the working of different propulsion systems, and the working and importance of flight simulators.

Outcome of the Event:

The Industrial Visit enabled the students to have a visual image of the working of aircraft systems, and to understand the opportunities available for an Aeronautical Engineer.