March 27, 2019



Every year, India records a substantial increase in accidents and causalities on roads, construction and mining sites. This proved a need for a more efficient means of safety to be provided for the riders, miners and construction workers. Keeping this in mind we decided to design a smart helmet which would ensure better safety.

KAWACH, the smart helmet designed for this purpose is better than the normal helmets which are being used as it has advanced features such as detecting and alerting when an accident occurs and sending an alert along with the location of the accident to the emergency personnel to provide necessary help within the golden hour. The location is provided with the help of GPS tracking system.

This helmet is a MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) technology implemented helmet. The outer hard shell is made of a hard, sturdy, durable, light weight material such as a polycarbonate. The inner material is made of Koroyd (Lining material) which absorbs more energy than EPS (Extended Polystyrene).

This smart helmet has three variants:

  1. KawachM&C
  2. Kawach
  3. KawachJunior


This variant of our smart helmet is the advanced version of the helmets used by construction workers and miners.

The sensors placed on the helmet alert the supervisor that an accident has occurred and help needs to be sent immediately. Along with the alert message it also sends the location of the accident to make it easier for the help to locate the victim. This helmet also comes with a mechanical SOS button which the person can use when in need. The plus point of out technology is that the connection between the supervisor and worker is not lost even in adverse conditions like being underground or in a remote area of the site.


This variant is for the riders on road. This helmet ensures safety as the helmet and bike have been connected to each other and the bike does not start until the helmet is worn.

Another safety ensuring feature is that if it detects that the driver is drunk, it will not let the bike to start as well. Along with these two added features this helmet also alerts whenever an accident occurs. The alert is not only sent to the emergency personnel but also to the emergency contacts saved by the driver in our mobile application.

Kawach Junior

KawachJunior is a variant specially designed for kids. The smart features included in the helmet are the accident alert system, SOS alert and GPS tracking system.

Students Details:

MEGHA S (1MJ16EC064)