February 18, 2023

MVJ College of Engineering emerges Winner once again, at National Aerospace Design Competition NACDeC-V


.The Fifth National Aerospace Design Competition, NACDeC-V, conducted by the Design Division of the Aeronautical Society of India, was held at Bengaluru on 20th August, 2022. The team from MVJ College of Engineering won the 2nd Place at this prestigious annual event. This premier engineering colleges in  Bangalore college has been winning the top places at this Competition, consecutively, for 5 successive years.

One of the mandates of Aeronautical Society of India, Design Division, is to encourage and nurture Aerospace-design related activities among Engineering college students. Encourage them to apply their mind to address challenging aerospace design problems relevant to our country’s needs. Towards this end, the Design Division of ASI has been conducting a yearly National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition (NACDeC) for students. 

45 teams had signed up for NACDeC-V this year. Out of which five teams made it to the final round, vying for the top spots. Team Abimanyu 5.0 from MVJ College of Engineering, comprising D. Devasurya, Piyush Jha, Asim Syed, K. Sripriya and Atyab Hakeem bagged the second place. 

In the last decade, many unfortunate incidents of urban fire, industrial fire and forest fire have been recorded in our country. Conventional fire tenders lack the ability to control these kinds of massive fires. Due to limitations like congested urban roads, inaccessible tall buildings, insufficient fire extinguishing resources like water or liquid chemicals. Water scooping amphibious planes – the prize-winning design by Team Abimanyu 5.0 from MVJCE. It can play a major complementary role in handling these disasters. A Water Scooping Amphibian Aircraft for Fire Fighting (WaSAAF) possessing high fire-fighting capabilities. It is designed for both land and water-based application.

As Team Leader Atyab Hakeem put it. “Incorporation of water scooping mechanism into indigenous amphibian planes is a major design challenge. We crafted a scooping mechanism and jettisoning system, to suit the specific needs. We incorporated into the design, safety measures to improve the stability and safe operation of the aircraft.”

The team from the Aeronautical Engineering department of MVJ College of Engineering was mentored by Prof. Dr. R. Rajasekar. Prof. says, “The students designed the amphibious aircraft, analysing its aerodynamics, performance and stability, and optimised. Our students exhibited a lot of patience and determination, until they got the results they wanted.”

MVJ College of Engineering colleges in Bangalore, is a top-notch college in the city, It is reputed for high-quality education in Engineering and Management, on par with international standards. Its students have been consistently bagging gold medals and ranks in University examinations. Ever since its inception in 1982. The students are constantly encouraged to think out-of-the-box. So, they come up with innovative projects, many of which have made it to the headlines in the media. At MVJCE, classroom lectures are complemented by hands-on sessions, to produce young engineers ready to take on Industry 4.0.