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To provide the best training through teaching and research that enables students to master the concepts in applied physics so that they can apply it in the thrust areas of Engineering and technology and also to evoke their interest in advanced research areas.

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Courses Taught

  • Engineering Physics (MVJ20PHY12/22)
  • Engineering Physics Lab (MVJ20PHYL16/26)

Course Outcomes

Subject: Engineering Physics
Subject: Engineering Physics


  • CO102.1 Understand various types of oscillations and their implications, the role of Shock waves in various fields.
  • CO102.2 Recognize the elastic properties of materials for engineering applications.
  • CO102.3 Compute Eigen values, Eigen functions, momentum of Atomic and subatomic particles using Time independent 1-D Schrodinger’s wave equation
  • CO102.4 Apprehend theoretical background of laser, construction and working of different types of laser and its applications in optic fibers.
  • CO102.5 Understand various concepts of crystal structure and the basics of Nano science.

Subject: Engineering Physics Lab
Subject Code: MVJ20PHYL16/26


  • CO106.1 Apprehend the concepts of interference of light, the diffraction of light, Fermi energy and magnetic effect of current
  • CO106.2 Understand the principles of operations of optical fibers and semiconductor devices such as photo diodes and NPN transistor using simple circuits
  • CO106.3 Determine the elastic modulus and moment of inertia of given materials with the help of suggested procedures
  • CO106.4 Recognize the resonance concepts and its practical applications
  • CO106.5 Understand the importance of measurement procedure honest recording and representing the data, reproduction of final results

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