November 23, 2018

Seminar on Techniques to “Enrich Programming Skills”


The Department of CSE, MVJ College of Engineering, organized a Seminar on ‘Techniques to Enrich Programming Skills’, on 27th October 2018. The session was conducted by Dr Viraj Kumar (Professor, IISc Bangalore). The purpose of this Seminar is to expose the students to the various techniques which will enrich their programming skills. The Seminar also aimed at enabling faculty members / research scholars to have an understanding of the Blooms Taxonomy levels, and how questions should be framed to achieve those levels.

The event began at 10:30 a.m. at Seminar Hall 4. 37 participants from CSE and ISE Departments attended this Seminar.

The first session was faculty interaction and the second session, student interaction. The Welcome Address was given by Prof. Sheetal Garg (AP – CSE). Prof. I. Manimozhi (HOD – CSE) presented a bouquet to the Guest Speaker Dr. Viraj Kumar, and welcomed him to the Seminar. Prof. Sheetal Garg introduced the Guest to the faculty members. After this, the session was taken over by Dr. Viraj Kumar.

Session 1

This session was of faculty interaction. Dr Viraj Kumar had prepared a questionnaire, based on the VTU question papers. The same question was put in three different ways to illustrate how the same question can be asked at different levels.  At the end of the session, the faculty members had a clear understanding about how to frame the questions such that they propel the students to think and answer.

Session 2

This session was of student interaction. The student of the Code Chef group interacted with Dr Viraj Kumar. The Guest Speaker gave his valuable insights on how motivation plays the most important role to encourage students. He asked club representatives to use the job-seeking mentality of the students as motivation to improve themselves through these communities and clubs. He propounded the idea of having experienced professionals and alumni to share their experiences in order to kindle an interest in the students. The Speaker laid emphasis on learning through projects rather than through solitary courses. Learning through projects provides the students with lateral growth in the chosen field, and a better practical foundation. He advocated students starting this learning practice through open source project contributions.

As the session ended, the Vote of Thanks was given by Prof. I Manimozhi (HOD – CSE).

Outcome of the Seminar:

The seminar on ‘Techniques to Enrich Programming Skills’ gave inputs and ideas to faculty, to design questions. The session motivated students to go with learning through projects rather than through courses. Students got an idea how to proceed further with their ideas of “Code Chef  Club”