June 6, 2019



The STUDENT SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME onAUTOCAD’ was conducted from 26th March 2019 to 10th May 2019, by the Mechanical Engineering Department, in Lab No. 157.

Mechanical Engineering is a broad field which involves planning and Designing mechanical objects is the primary focus of Mechanical Engineers, whether they are producing engine and motor components or complete devices like refrigerators and robots. Design programs like AutoCAD help Mechanical Engineers do their job, by helping them create preliminary designs, and spot flaws before production, saving time and resources.

A 5-day program for 10 hours was planned, for each batch of 20 students. Our in-house faculty Mr. Suhas B, Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering Department, trained all the three batches, of the students of fourth semester, section B.

50 students in all, were trained in the AutoCad Lab, under Civil Engineering Department Laboratory from 4.00 pm to 05.45 pm.

Outcome of the Event

The students are expected to enhance their Mechanical Engineering Design concepts, to apply on the simulation of various components in Engineering applications.